Left Correlates HEALTH To Right Wing Extremism?!

An MSNBC op-ed just came out claiming that those who work out are more prone to embracing what they call ‘far-right politics.’ This is what MSNBC considers ‘news.’ This article was written by an ‘expert on extremism,’ and these ridiculous antics are some of the many ways that the left tries to undermine reality and promote harmful practices and lifestyles.

– An “expert on extremism” suggests that white supremacists are promoting fitness to recruit followers, linking workout trends to Hitler.

– Dr. Ashley Lucas highlights the left’s promotion of unhealthy lifestyles as a means of control, replacing “fat-shaming” with “health-shaming” in the body positivity movement.

– Dr. Lucas emphasizes the importance of recognizing the potential for change and offers free resources to counter misinformation about health and fitness.

This ‘expert on extremism’ tells us that working out has been corrupted by ‘neo-nazis’ and that white supremacists are encouraging potential recruits to stay in shape apparently. She even connects modern workout trends to Hitler. This article is being mocked by big figures like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan. This article admits more than it realizes. It used to be the mark of a well-educated person to take care of themselves physically. But today it appears that the woke left wants nothing to do with this. They seemingly even want a society that is fat and lazy, most likely so that people are even more likely to be controlled.

Dr. Lucas analyzed the left’s absurd promotion of unhealthy lifestyles and came to a similar conclusion. She assessed that this support for obesity and unhealthiness is about control. If we are unhealthy and sick we may not be interested in speaking up or fighting for our rights and freedoms. The ‘body positivity’ movement has essentially replaced ‘fat-shaming’ with ‘health-shaming.’

We see the left completely missing the truth in so many aspects of life, including fitness and health. But Dr. Lucas also observes that conservatives often lack the belief that we can create a change. She points out that many people may understand that they need to make a change in their health, but do not believe they can or may be misguided about what this means. This is often due to all of the misleading information out there that confuses the explanation of what health is. Especially if people have tried in the past and failed to lose weight, they may have lost belief in themselves. This is not the best approach, and Dr. Lucas observes the specific lies that have been prominent in our lifetimes.

She notes that there has been a big push to eat low-fat diets and high grain amounts as that was the basis of the infamous food pyramid. Additionally, many people and publications promote the concept of veganism and avoiding meat. This is all wrong and has led to a lot of confusion that we experience due to bad information from supposedly trusted sources. But we all now know that we cannot trust the government, Big Tech, or many other mainstream organizations that try to promote this confusion. Dr. Lucas points out that the biggest way to overcome this is to believe and understand that making a change is possible.

Dr. Lucas has many free resources and is even offering free training to learn more about this misinformation that we may be believing regarding our health.

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