Left Admits Abortions are Murder?

Britney Spears released a memoir on October 24th called ‘The Woman in Me.’ In this book, she revealed that she became pregnant with Justin Timberlake during their relationship over 20 years ago. She explained that he did not want to be a parent and encouraged her to have an abortion even though she wanted to have her baby.

New York Daily News reported on what Britney said in this memoir about her abortion. She said, “Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. He said we weren’t ready to have a baby in our lives, that we were way too young,” She described also how they were determined to keep the pregnancy a secret so she did not go to a hospital or doctor for the abortion and instead took pills at her home.

Spears described her feelings, saying, “After [the abortion], I was messed up for a while, especially because I still love Justin so much.” She continued, “It was insane how much I loved him, and for me, it was unfortunate.”

Britney describes the physical and emotional pain she experienced from the abortion and then her relationship ending afterward. Many in the media support Britney amid these revelations about her personal life, and many are ‘canceling’ Justin Timberlake and expressing outrage over his recommendation to get an abortion.

Daily Wire show host Matt Walsh also pointed out that the often-used financial reasons to justify women having abortions do not apply in this case. The unusual framing of this situation as entirely Justin Timberlake’s fault does not make sense because she willingly chose to go through with this decision. She described herself that she did it for him because she loved him so much and said that she wanted to be with him forever and eventually have a family with him.

This story is another example of the harm abortion causes to women who get them. Britney has been in the public eye for decades and has gone through many mental health crises. Many people are looking back at her history of concerning behavior and explaining that it makes sense considering the mental toll that having an abortion has on women. There are many links to women’s mental health suffering after having an abortion, and it seems like Britney, although she is responsible for her actions, was misled to believe that abortion was the answer to her situation.

Additionally, the media has been calling this news ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘very sad,’ and many fans are also expressing these feelings. This leads us to ask, ‘Why?’ If an aborted baby is a clump of cells with no consciousness, it does not make sense for anyone to be ‘heartbroken’ or ‘very sad’ over any abortions. This is the rhetoric we hear to justify abortion, but it is discarded in certain situations without any consistent application.

Typically, if a celebrity is pregnant and does not abort her baby we see her in the media described as pregnant and discussing the baby as a person. At this time, if our friends, family, or peers announce that they are pregnant, people still accept that they are carrying a human life and do not describe the baby as an unconscious lump of cells. Additionally, at this time when people announce that they have had a miscarriage, the common response is sadness and compassion. There is no mainstream acceptance that a desired pregnancy is not a human life as seen in people’s excitement over desired pregnancy and sadness and acknowledgment of death when miscarriages occur to these wanted babies.

This story is unquestionably heartbreaking and abortion does deserve to be described in the ways we have seen the media respond to these new claims. However, the concept that people who defend women’s ‘right to an abortion’ could describe the situation this way is perplexing. Matt Walsh also brought up a key question to people who argue for abortion but also believe that what happened to Britney is sad, ‘If abortion is not the killing of a human child then why is it sad? Why is it such a mournful, difficult subject? Either abortion kills a human person or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, which is what you claim, then there is nothing sad about it.’

Abortion is one of the many lies bombarding women about how to be ‘free and empowered’ in the culture of sexual promiscuity and rejecting traditional femininity, relationships, and motherhood. Unfortunately, the consequences of the lie of abortion extend much further than the woman who makes this decision. It is unquestionably the murder of a baby, and the fact that the far-left media is describing the new claim that Britney Spears had a traumatizing abortion as ‘heartbreaking and sad’ demonstrates that even people who advocate for abortion probably know deep down that it is murder and morally unacceptable.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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