Laws and Lies: The Government’s Intrusion into Health and Education

For years the government has overstepped and invaded the lives and livelihoods of basically everyone who is a competent, working individual. An infuriating way that the government has overstepped its role and begun controlling the lives of Americans is seen in its law formation regulating “health.” The pandemic experience of 2020 was a perfect example of the government’s abysmal ability to regulate the health of Americans.

We saw how many federal, state, and local governments completely took over their people and imposed policies that were completely inappropriate with almost no evidence to support them being instituted. The vaccine was promoted by so many governing leaders and many state and local policies that restricted people’s activities unless they received it. Now we have all seen how extremely UNHEALTHY the vaccine really was despite the claims that they were completely safe.

But everyone who disagreed with or was uncomfortable taking it when it was initially made available to the public was labeled “extremists,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “anti-vaxxers.” This experience showed that, in many ways, the laws, restrictions, and policies upheld are not for our good actually, but rather to push specific narratives and control people. Many conservatives and liberals alike disagreed with the government’s problematic handling of the COVID pandemic.

Another aspect of public health that the government has regulated for a long time is the drinking age. Currently, the federal government maintains that adults who are eligible to vote, take on hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans, take out a mortgage, go to war to defend the country, and get married are ineligible to drink alcohol until they are 21. The tobacco consumption age was also recently changed to 21.

In light of South Korea recently changing their laws on how age is measured, many users have taken to Twitter to discuss the drinking age laws where people who have been an age where they were able to drink will be pushed back under the drinking age as people become “younger.” This puts into perspective the arbitrary nature of many age-related laws governing adults.

It is suspicious, to say the least, that these 18-year-old students are deemed responsible enough to take out crushing amounts of debt to go to school but are not deemed competent enough to self-regulate their alcohol or tobacco consumption. This is especially shocking consider that many people that age neither know what they want to do as a career nor have jobs while going to school, and subsequently cannot afford to do so. Several studies on teen drunk driving have been done that are used to determine that 18-20-year-olds should not be allowed to drink. However, several studies have also determined that college education may not be as useful, affordable, or relevant as it once was. This leads to suspicion of why the government and its leaders seem to want to encourage youths to go to school and take on so much debt while wanting them to not be able to drink.

The general encouragement of young adults to go to college without being able to afford it through the disastrous student loan policies in America is concerning on its own. People simply should not do things they cannot afford to do. College tuition has become extremely unaffordable in light of student loans being so available for all people. Students increasingly do not use their degrees in their careers– only 27% of graduates use their degrees according to a study by the New York Federal Reserve. Students also do not know what they want to do after graduation while enrolled in college. In a recent study, 52% of students in college agreed with the statement, “I have no idea what I want to do with my career.”

The government supports students to get a college education despite the harm that this can arguably do to students due to the lack of use of degrees, massive debt accrual, and lack of career motivation and direction despite being enrolled in college. It makes no sense that people should be involved in something so expensive and be saying that they have no idea what they want to do with the expensive education they are receiving. The government allows students to take out federal student loans to “support” their aimless careers despite all of the evidence showing that college and the risks of student loans may only benefit a small percentage of students.

The laws are extremely inconsistent in what young adults are allowed to do. The government and many officials who contributed to the drinking age being 21 believe that statistics showing the increased risks of crashes due to 18-20-year-olds drinking is enough to prohibit them from drinking, however, these individuals are encouraged and allowed to go to college, and take out loans without even being financially prepared to do so and without any direction for postgraduate activity.

The drinking age and college loans may be more interconnected than they appear. The drinking age was enforced to be 21 by the Uniform Drinking Age Act which refused highway funds to states that did not make their state minimum drinking age 21. By 1988, all states had changed their laws to enforce an age 21 minimum for the purchase of alcohol. In 1992, the Higher Education Amendments created the FAFSA applications and allowed student loans to be taken out by any student as long as they were enrolled in college half-time. This also made the interest rates of federal loans fall on the students rather than the government.

These events may be interconnected. As a college education becomes more expensive and less useful, many public colleges that accept FAFSA loans are liberal cesspools and indoctrination camps. Sadly, so many universities all over the country have gone full woke and often offer virtue-signaling education instead of actually useful degrees. It is so shocking to see how many students are choosing to go to school despite the alarming costs and the fact that the majority of students in college have absolutely no idea what they want to do as a career or with their degree. There are also so many completely useless degrees today which are being paid for through student loans as the laws have majorly shifted to allow students to take out loans even if they are trying to obtain a ridiculous degree.

It could be argued that college education has a strong appeal because 18-20-year-old students can often obtain alcohol by going to college, something they cannot do unless they are at a school where that is part of the culture as it is at so many colleges today, even religious schools. It is hard to say whether these two issues are thoroughly interconnected, but the traditional appeal of a college education is dwindling as degrees provide less education at liberal universities than ever before, and it seems clear that the government and its leaders want to see kids in college as most colleges are now just liberal indoctrination camps. Alcohol may be just one of the ways that colleges are able to appeal to young adults.

The blatant hypocrisy of various policies and laws regarding age in America is worsening. We see this in the government’s student loan procedure, the age of being tried as an adult in court, getting married, owning a home, and going to war in conflict with the smoking and drinking age, but more significantly, the encouragement of transgender children. The Biden administration’s website declares that transgender children need to have protections when seeking “gender-affirming care” and they are openly trying to teach their gender propaganda and help students be transgender through schools.

Although the hypocrisy of governing leaders and current laws is rampant, the good news is that we are seeing parents stand up to this nationwide. So many people all around the country are pulling their kids out of public schools, moving out of states with liberal policies about transgender children being able to be removed from their parents, and standing up against woke school boards and leaders. Transgender “care” for children has extremely serious results, especially if a prepubescent child goes on hormone therapy or puberty blockers. The government has completely gone off the rails in its comprehension of gender, safety, and age. The law makers are so hypocritical it almost seems like all of this is a joke. Children must be allowed to take hormones if they “want,” persons at 18 should be able to take out loans to go to useless schools for useless degrees, but adults cannot drink alcohol while they are 18-20.

The bottom line is that the government argues that they are keeping people safe by upholding their positions on gender “care” for children and restrictions on the drinking choices of adults, but the government is not responsible for regulating our safety. The government’s decisions to regulate people’s safety are overbearing and unnecessary. PARENTS are responsible for the safety of their children. Adults should be competent individuals who can make decisions for themselves regarding alcohol consumption as they are their college education. If they are not able to properly regulate themselves and they make poor choices, then it is their responsibility to suffer the consequences of their actions.

As age is under scrutiny a lot right now due to the LGBTQ+ community on children, many people are again revisiting the hypocrisy of the laws that restrict adults from reasonable adult activities. Until the many greedy leaders of the government leave adults to be adults and kids to be kids, they will continue to have extremely angry people protesting against their outrageous hypocrisy and controlling policies.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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