Latest Indictment BACKFIRES As Trump Polls Even Higher!

Donald Trump continues his war against the ruling establishment. We now have new polling showing that this latest J6 indictment has completely backfired.

– Recent post-J6 indictment polls show Trump leading Biden by 4 points and even ahead by 2 points in an AZ poll.

– Biden’s support among the non-white working class is eroding, with a drop from a 48-point lead to a 16-point lead according to a NYT/Siena poll.

– Trump’s growing support in polls suggests he is on track to secure the Republican nomination and potentially win the White House once more.

The latest poll from Premise, one of the first post-J6 indictment polls, has Trump trouncing Biden by 4, 42 to 38. The latest AZ poll to come out has Trump up +2. We can see where Biden is losing and Trump is winning. Axios reported that Biden is losing ground with the non-white working class. He has already lost the white working class which is solidly behind Trump. Now we are seeing the non-white working class abandoning Biden as well. This data is coming from the latest NYT/Siena Poll that just came out. It showed that Biden and Trump officially tied at 43% each. Trump has never been above 41% in an NYT/Siena Poll, and he never led an NYT/Sienna poll. Their final poll before the 2020 election was Biden +9. Larry Sabato of Crystal Ball is admitting that is a Trump electoral landslide; he’s sounding the alarm!

Biden is losing the non-white working-class vote. Obama won non-white working-class voters by a 67-point margin in 2012. He pummeled Romney by nearly 70 points with non-white working-class voters. In 2020, Biden beat Trump by an overwhelming 48-point margin among non-white working-class voters. Now, according to this NYT/Siena poll, Biden’s lead over Trump with this once-solidly Democratic constituency is just 16 points, 49%–33%. The Democrat margin for non-white working-class voters has plummeted from 70% to now just 16 % in 10 years!

What so many in the Republican donor class don’t get is that this election ultimately comes down to the rust belt states, according to Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit. Red states will stay red and blue states will stay blue, so this election will be determined by the working-class states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia. The one candidate that is popular with both the white and non-white working class is Donald Trump. He is the working-class candidate, and Biden, DeSantis, Pence, and Christie come nowhere close to his influence in comparison. In 2016, there were nearly 200 counties that had voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984 by a 20-point margin that suddenly swung over and voted for Trump by a comparable 20-point margin.

Hillary Clinton lost the white working-class vote so badly that even if she got Barack Obama’s level of the black vote, she still would have lost. We are starting to see the non-white working class vote defect from the Democrats and move over to an increasingly nationalist populist GOP. The data shows that between 2020 and 2022, the Democrat advantage among non-white working-class voters decreased by 14 points. Since 2012, it has dropped by twice that, by 33 points. Now, with the latest NYT/Siena poll, it’s collapsed to the point where no Democrat could get elected in blue-collar states.

In Arizona, Trump is crushing the pack by 47 points. He leads DeSantis 58 to 11. As we can see, Ron DeSantis just continues to spiral out of control. He just fired his campaign manager in what’s being reported as the third major shakeup of his utterly fledgling campaign. His disaster of an answer regarding Trump having lost the 2020 election stands in such stark contrast to someone like Joe Rogan who has now openly recognized the rampant anomalies and discrepancies involved in that election. If even Joe Rogan can finally see it and admit it, what possible excuse does DeSantis have, especially given the fact that the supermajority of the party that he’s trying to win the nomination for believes the 2020 election was stolen?

DeSantis is quietly rooting for these indictments against Trump. He, along with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, is rooting for these indictments. DeSantis has effectively aligned himself with the Democrats in rooting for the indictments to take Trump out of contention. This is what aligns him with Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, and every other odious RINO and neocon. This highlights the ultimate incoherence of his campaign. He can’t run as the anti-establishment populist candidate while being backed by the establishment. He can’t claim to represent the Republican voter while aligning himself with the rhetoric of Democrats. Trump is well on his way to securing the Republican nomination, and if these polls are any solid indicator, he’s well on his way, once again, to the White House!

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