Kari Lake NOT BACKING DOWN on Stolen Election!!!

Kari Lake SHOCKS The Court as ‘RECALL KATIE HOBBS’ Begins!!!

-Katie Hobbs is SCARED!

-Kari Lake is seeing her efforts on election integrity through to the end!

-Hobbs recall is LIKELY!

Katie Hobbs is RUNNING AWAY AGAIN! We’re going to see the latest on Kari Lake’s ongoing lawsuit against Hobbs, we’re going to see the latest polls that are HUGE for Kari Lake and the US Senate, and make sure to stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll reveal what may REALLY be taking Katie Hobbs down; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

The Kari Lake team has announced that they have shocking new evidence that they’ll bring before the court in their hearing next week! The Gateway Pundit reported a couple of weeks back that the Arizona Court of Appeals agreed that Kari Lake’s election lawsuit should be expedited, scheduling a conference and possible oral arguments on February 1st. And Kari Lake’s team is promising what they’re calling shocking and earth shattering evidence that has since been uncovered; remember, a number of whistleblowers have been coming forth over the last few months, and you only need one with hard ironclad irrefutable evidence, and they may have found it! Here’s Kari Lake:

Now I have to say that I find this all very fascinating, because Kari Lake could easily throw in the towel here and move on in the next phase of her political career, which is clearly the US Senate! We now have another poll that shows Kari Lake with a comfortable lead in a three-way senate race in Arizona; of course, the current senator, Kirsten Sinema left the Democratic Party recently, she became an independent, she WILL be challenged by a Democrat for that seat, and so, in a three-way race, with the center left and radical woke left split, Kari’s got this. But no, she is determined to follow through with her promise that she would not allow what happened in November to stand! And I have to say that THAT’s an amazing testimony to Kari Lake’s character; you KNOW she’s under pressure, certainly by the Republican establishment, both nationally and in Arizona, to just throw in the towel on this, but it’s clear that she’s determined to see this through, as she said, if necessary, all the way to the US Supreme Court!

Now obviously we’ll have to wait to see what the new evidence is and how it’s going to play out, but either way, with the left killing themselves in this upcoming senate race, Kari has several options for her political future, fully acknowledging that as far as she’s concerned, there’s only one, and that’s to stop Katie Hobbs! But Kari’s not alone; there appears to be a massive groundswell of support to do just that! It looks like the effort to end Katie Hobbs’ tenure as governor is growing by the day, and you’re going to love to see how!

Unfortunately for Katie Hobbs, Republicans control both legislative chambers in AZ, and so there’s already a Twitter campaign to pressure Republicans to call a special session, do their own investigation into the Election Day shenanigans, impeach Hobbs and throw her out of office! Now, admittedly, that is a very tall order given the amount of RINOs that dominate the AZ Republican Party! Remember, Republican Governor and leading-RINO Doug Doocey completely ignored and discounted any hint of impropriety on election day, and was one of the first to congratulate Hobbs on her so-called ‘win.’ So a full impeachment is a tall order indeed for such feckless RINO Republicans who worked together with Democrats to make sure that any and all MAGA candidates were defeated! So we’re not going anywhere with them! Instead our hopes are most likely to be realized with the mass recall effort to get rid of Katie Hobbs that’s already under way!

According to AZ law, after the governor has served for six months, a recall petition can be submitted, which has to include a certain amount of signatures in relation to the total number of voters in the last election. Well those efforts at amassing such signatures have already begun! An organization called Arizona citizens has begun the process of collectingover 600 thousand signatures to recall Hobbs as soon as legally possible. The irony in all of this of course is that: if the very process by which Hobbs assumed office was suspect, she HERSELF has inescapably undermined the legitimacy of her administration! In literally every single respect, Katie Hobbs has completely undermined any shred of legitimacy for her tenure! And so, the very fact that recall efforts have already begun, and again, they’re all over twitter at this point, the very fact that serious recall efforts are already underway, is a foreshadow of what she can expect for the foreseeable future! So we’ll obviously keep our eyes on how things develop here but there’s no question: Kari Lake is absolutely determined to see this through, all the while millions of Arizonans are ready to recall! THIS is gonna be good!