Kari Lake is TAKING ON the Arizona Election Cartel!

-The Arizona election fallout continues to heat up!

-Corrupt judges are literally admitting to certifying problem elections

-Kari Lake’s response will MAKE YOUR DAY!

As Kari Lake continues her fight against corrupt AZ Secretary of State and candidate for Governor Katie Hobbs, the deep state is throwing EVERYTHING at her. Read more to learn how our whole system is being exposed and upended and how the elites are actually panicking!

A merry Christmastide to each and every one of you; don’t forget 12 days of the Christmas season! I’m back and ready to take on this sick, degenerating cartelized system that we are all living under, but most especially those in Arizona! As I’m sure you all know by now, the judge presiding over the Kari Lake election lawsuit threw out her case on Christmas Eve, putting on what was nothing less than a show trial, a sham trial that looked fair, but in the end was nothing more than Kabuki Theater. I think the Gateway Pundit put it best, they had the headline: ‘Judge Peter Thompson Rules Elections with Broken Machines in 60 percent of precincts and no chain of custody for ballots are free, fair, and certifiable.’ Well, they’re certainly certifiable, certifiably insane! Again, as many of you may know, Kari Lake’s team showed, first, Maricopa County officials broke chain of custody procedures rendering hundreds of thousands of ballots as invalid, and secondly, Maricopa County Officials misprinted election day ballots causing mass delays on election day, which experts & legal witnesses testified cost Lake the election. There’s no way that anyone watching those proceedings could come away with any other conclusion!

Katie Hobbs legal team was an embarrassment! They didn’t even deny any of that happened, they just claimed that it didn’t matter! Kari Lake’s team got Maricopa County officials to admit that while they had a count of all mail-in ballots at the processing center, they did NOT have an official count from the original location where the ballots were dropped off, as required by AZ law! So the problem there is that between transporting ballots from location A, where they are originally dropped off, to location B, where they are counted, there IS actually no chain-of-custody record! We have no objective basis to KNOW that the amount of ballots at location A were the exact same amount of ballots at location B, and that by definition renders the ballots invalid, not because they WERE tampered with, but because they COULD have been! Again, the lawyer Robert Barnes tweeted this standard out the other day: ‘Arizona law is clear: even inadvertent errors in election require setting aside result if it casts outcome in doubt. Intentionality is NOT required when the error casts actual winner “in doubt.”’ Under AZ law, Kari Lake is NOT required to show that anyone intended for these errors to happen, all you have to show is that such errors, like the printing size-discrepancies and the breaks in chain of custody happened and that it happened to enough ballots to throw the results of the election in doubt, that’s all that has to be shown.

It WAS shown, and yet, because we now officially live in a CARTELIZED system that’s corrupt through and through, where every branch of government, from Duncy Doocey’s governorship to the RINO Repubican legislature to the court systems, they’ve all become instruments of protecting the permanent political class! But Kari isn’t having it; Texas Republican Jonathan Strickland I think said it best: ‘The establishment mistakenly thinks they’ve delivered a death blow to Kari Lake. Little do they know they’ve created a powerhouse who will lead a movement in #Arizona that ensures their demise. Mrs. Lake doesn’t know how to give up…” And onward she goes, you won’t believe what she just said, you’re going to LOVE it! On Christmas Day, Kari Lake’s legal team tweeted out: ‘It’s a fair bet some officials in Maricopa County got coal in their stockings this year. We’ve heard those pair nicely with perjury charges.’ Well, well, well, what the Kari Lake team appears to be getting at there is the apparently discrepant testimony by Maricopa County Election Director Scott Jarrett. On the first day of the trial, he denied that there were 19 inch ballot images printed on 20 inch paper, which appears to have been the source for the mass breakdown in getting the votes counted by machine tabulators. However, after Kari Lake’s team proved that THAT’s exactly what happened, on the second day of the trial, he admitted that he knew about the size discrepancy between the ballot-image and the paper. On the second day of the trial, he admitted that he knew about it a few days after the election! And yet, these guys went ahead and certified it! They KNEW there were all these problems, but they went ahead and certified the election anyway, I wonder why?

So Kari Lake’s going there; Katie Hobbs of course is doing what she does best, exploiting the gamed system to her advantage, threatening Kari Lake, but that’s only strengthening Kari Lake’s populist bona fides, and only guaranteeing a mass recall effort that will plague Katie Hobbs’ first months in office! In the meantime, it is, as I’ve noted, increasingly clear that we are living in the midst of a cartelized system run by a professional political and business class that cares about NOTHING, absolutely nothing, apart from their own interests and concerns! The technical term for this is what’s called ‘refeudalization.’ It’s a term coined by professor Joel Kotkin of Chapman University in California, and it refers to the ways in which the structure of our society is increasingly reflecting the kind of social structure that characterize the feudal middle ages! For example, today, like then, you have an astonishing concentration of wealth and power; where very few people control pretty much everything. 5 years ago about 400 billionaires owned half of the world’s assets; today it’s just 100 billionaires. And China is basically the same; China, ironically, is now more unequal than the United States. So you have a tremendous concentration of wealth and power, like we saw with Sam Bankman Fried, who by the way, how’s he doing right now? Compare how he’s doing to those involved in J6 and you can see for yourself this refeudalization in action! He’s part of the class of lords who operate according to their own rules and values!

So you have this tremendous concentration of wealth and power, and secondly, we’re seeing today a comparable religious fundamentalism; but of course, the fundamentalism today involves all things woke: the environment, gender, race, but the key here is that like with religious fundamentalism, as it were, there’s no room for dissent. Dissenters are heretics, and instead of a clerical class enforcing the new dogma, it’s a clerisy class, a class of pseudo-intellectuals from the universities and professions, the credentialed class. And what we’re seeing here is how Big Business and Big Government, billionaires and bureaucrats, are teaming up together to create a singular system under which we all have to live, whether we want to or not! And we’re finding that THAT system, whether through the Twitter Files or through Maricopa County corruption, we’re finding that THAT system is doing everything it possibly can to crush the democratically expressed will of tens of millions of people! And that’s exactly the conclusion of this professor, Kotkin, he fully recognizes that refeudalization is indeed destroying the very fabric of democratic integrity! Our elections, as we’re finding out, are increasingly staged events where very powerful special interests have guaranteed the outcome, and the corrupt legacy media provides bought-and-paid-for cover of this rampant corruption! The good news is that this isn’t hiding anymore; this festering filth is losing the darkness of its cover with more and more light exposing it! Corruption corrupts, and like we saw with the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, the masses will eventually bring this corruption down, and Kari Lake will most certainly be there to celebrate!