Kari Lake Had Many Recent Victories In Court!

As talk of election fraud, voting IDs, and the best voting policies become more popular leading to the 2024 election, it is important to look at the voting discussions and legal battles that are happening around the country. Kari Lake has been in court disputing voting fraud and other issues, and she has had some MAJOR wins!

– The Arizona Supreme Court criticized the trial court in Maricopa County for delaying the cases brought by Kari Lake

– Evidence suggests that tens of thousands of ballots did not meet the signature verification requirements but were still counted.

– There is a lot of hope that ballot harvesting will be addressed by 2024 to prevent more election corruption.

The Arizona Supreme Court crushed Maricopa County’s trial court for “dragging its feet” in terms of the cases Kari Lake had brought to them. Kari Lake’s team has many eyewitnesses who have sworn depositions that they have witnessed cheating with the signature verification.

There are two main requirements for processing mail-in ballots. It is essential to check the signatures on mail-in ballots. If the signature does not match the signature on file, first the voting offices are to contact the voter to see what caused the signature mismatch. They are to ensure the ballot is legitimate. If the person is not able to be reached or the signature cannot be verified, the ballot is to be thrown out. Kari Lake’s team has evidence that there were tens of thousands of ballots that did not meet these requirements but were still counted.

The lower court was ordered by the supreme court in March to give Kari Lake’s case a hearing to examine the evidence. The court would not do this and they were slowing down the process. It is now clear why. Katie Hobbs’ team went to the Arizona state court to try to get Kari Lake’s team censored by the high court to embarrass them for bringing a frivolous lawsuit. The lower court used the pending decision to ignore the case. The Arizona Supreme Court threw out all of Katie Hobbs’ attempts to silence Kari Lake and they threw out all the censored charges. They ordered the lower Maricopa County court to give Kari Lake her day in court right away.

People are trying to gather signatures to recall Katie Hobbs. Although it seems that there was a very clear case of fraud and injustice, recall efforts are very rarely implemented and pick up enough popularity to take effect. However, it is possible to happen and hopefully, by 2024 the ballot harvesting will be mastered and there will be nothing that can be done to continue the corruption we have seen recently with our elections.

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