Judge OVERTURNED Election Due to FRAUD!

Surveillance of suspicious ballot box drop-offs is forcing a court to overturn an election. We are going to see the latest shock ruling and what it means for election integrity as we head into 2024. You are not going to want to miss this.

– A judge in Connecticut has overturned a primary election in Bridgeport after surveillance footage showed multiple individuals stuffing absentee ballots in outdoor drop boxes.

– The judge cited a violation of the chain of custody process, tracking the movement of ballots from the voter to official counting, rendering the votes illegal.

– Despite frustrations, legal interventions are having an impact on election integrity, with increased scrutiny making it harder for similar irregularities to occur.

Bombshell news is coming out of Connecticut. A judge has overturned a primary election in the city of Bridgeport after seeing what he called ‘shocking’ surveillance footage of multiple people stuffing multiple absentee ballots in outdoor drop boxes. The judge concluded that there was enough evidence of foul play for the primary election to be overturned and has ordered the secretary of state to schedule a new primary election.

There is ambiguity because the general election is set for next Tuesday, and they are going to go through with it even though the judge ordered a new primary. We will have to see how that works out. The key to this judge’s decision is that we now have a court that has officially recognized the clear violation of the process known as chain of custody. This is the certified process that tracks the movement of the ballot from the voter to the moment it is officially counted.

It doesn’t matter who is voted for. Any deviation from that mandated process that tracks the movement of the ballot from the voter to when it is officially counted renders the vote illegal and invalid. This is what was documented on a mass scale in Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules.’ The documentary draws from the investigative work of True the Vote founders Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

They used geofencing technology, which tracks your cell phone, to track the movement of what are called ‘mules.’ These are the people who pick up ballots at warehouses and deliver the ballots to drop-off boxes. Throughout the film, the tracking technology they acquired is compared with security camera footage at the drop-off locations. According to the documentary, they found that these mules were delivering multiple ballots to multiple ballot boxes in different locations.

The film details how one person delivered ballots to 28 different ballot drop boxes in Georgia. The film concludes that if we discount the estimated number of votes that were illegally delivered, Donald Trump would have won the election easily. Our courts back then wanted nothing to do with enforcing election integrity, until two years later.

Two years after the 2020 election, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that hundreds of thousands of ballots that were cast in their state were illegal. Two years after the fact, the Wisconsin Supreme Court banned the use of drop boxes in all future elections from their state because they violated Wisconsin election law. As Slate.com noted in their headline, the ruling in many respects suggested that Biden’s 2020 Victory Was “Illegitimate.” He won Wisconsin by barely 20,000 votes.

The next time you hear the legacy media talking point that the 2020 election was the single most pristine election in the history of humanity, we can remind them that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that hundreds of thousands of votes cast in their state were illegal and illegitimate. As part of that ruling, the Court also ruled that most ballot drop boxes aren’t allowed in the state and that a voter can’t have someone else return their completed absentee ballot on their behalf. No more 2000 Mules kind of stuff is allowed any longer in Wisconsin.

The overturning of an election is not novel, it has happened before. This has happened with the 2020 election in Florida. Nearly 20 months after a town councilman was certified the winner of an election in the Florida town of Eatonville, just outside of Orlando, a judge stepped in and ordered that he be removed from his position due to evidence of voter fraud. A judge ruled that Tarus Mack, who was previously sworn into office on the Eatonville town council, needed to vacate his seat. They said that his challenger, Marlin Daniels, was entitled to it because the judge determined Daniels would have won were it not for the election fraud.

The parallels in this case with 2020 as a whole were startling. Daniels was ahead on election night, only to find out the next morning that he lost after several ballots suddenly surfaced for his opponent. He took it to court, and the judge found that there were serious discrepancies between ballots and actual voters, as a result, the judge overturned the election and forced the guy who won due to voter fraud to vacate his seat and instead installed his challenger as the rightful winner.

Instead of ordering another election, you can rule to have the opponent who was the victim of cheating seated. So what sense should we make of all of this? As frustrating as this may all be, given that it appears you have to be a Democrat for our corrupt courts to step in and do anything, the good news is that these examples of legal intervention are having an impact.

The fact that the same corrupt court system has been weaponized to try to take President Trump out is itself testimony that they don’t think they can pull off another 2020. Too much attention is being paid to election integrity by too many different factions that there is no confidence at all that they can pull off another win for Biden like they did the last time. The system that our founding fathers gave us is working itself out to restore at least some semblance of election integrity in our nation.

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