Judge Makes HUGE RULING on AZ Election Fraud Case!

Democratic Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs speaks at a victory rally, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

We’ve got a HUGE court ruling coming out of Arizona regarding the 2022 election, and it’s got Katie Hobbs panicking!

– An Arizona judge, John Napper, has ruled that the state’s mail-in ballot signature verification process was unlawful and violated the law in both the 2020 and 2022 elections.

– Kari Lake’s legal team provided evidence that mail-in ballot signatures often did not match the voter registration records, but the previous judge ruled that matching to other documents was “good enough.”

– The latest ruling emphasizes the importance of following Arizona law in signature verification and invalidates the procedures followed in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

An Arizona Judge has ruled that the State’s current mail-in ballot signature verification process is unlawful and violated the law in both the 2020 and 2022 elections. Yavapai County Judge John Napper dismissed an argument made by the Democrat Secretary of State Adrian Fontes that it was acceptable for election officials to compare the signature that’s on a mail-in ballot with documents other than the voter’s actual voter registration record. This is how these slimy, corrupt Democrat officials have been getting away with clear violations of signature matching.

Kari Lake’s legal team presented clear and unambiguous evidence that the signatures on the mail-in ballots over and over again do not match the signatures on the actual voter registration records, and Katie Hobbs’ team argued that it was acceptable because they matched the signatures on other records. Unfortunately, Judge Thompson bought that nonsense. He ruled that while the signature verification to match the mail-in ballot signature with the voter registration signature on file was not followed, there was a procedure that was followed, matching it to these nebulous ‘other documents.’ He ruled that this was ‘good enough!’

Judge Napper, the new judge, just blew that ruling out of the way. He stated absolutely that Arizona state law is “clear and unambiguous” that election officials must compare the signatures on the envelopes with the voter’s actual registration record. The law is supposed to be clear and unambiguous, but leftists determined they can match mail-in ballots’ signatures with all kinds of sources they have on file.

They created this web of confusion about the law to hide and cover-up. Judge Napper showed that election officials must compare the signatures on the envelopes with the voter’s actual registration record. This was not done in 2020 or 2022, and therefore the signature verification method in both those elections was illegal. Kari Lake was quick to release an official statement, saying, ‘Maricopa County’s complete abandonment of signature verification standards has allowed for the integrity of our elections to be washed away. Election laws aren’t suggestions or guidelines, they’re the law. I am thankful the court has reminded Secretary of State Fontes and Recorder Richer of that fact. Following this ruling, I have the utmost confidence that we will win our lawsuit to review the early ballot signatures later this month.’

Trial dates have been set for Kari Lake’s lawsuit to obtain access to mail-in ballot affidavits from the 2022 election that Maricopa County officials have denied to her. The Gateway Pundit launched an investigation and inspected hundreds of mail-in ballot signatures and compared those signatures with those the same voter has on their registration records and found several explicit examples of irregularities. When Lake’s legal team requested access to the ballots, she and her attorneys were denied access to the ballots by Maricopa County officials, and it’s not hard to conclude why. As this judge has just ruled; it’s because their signature-matching antics were blatantly illegal.

This ruling has bolstered a previous judge’s ruling that set dates for a two-day trial on September 21 and 25 to determine whether Kari Lake is entitled to inspect public election records, and particularly inspect the signature verification process from the last election. Now that we have this ruling, she has total standing in inspecting the results of the verification procedure that was just ruled illegal. According to Arizona law, Kari does not have to prove that actual fraud or maladministration of an election took place, all she has to do is show that there were enough irregularities, mishaps, mistakes, omissions, or other issues that bring the integrity of the election outcome into doubt. Katie Hobbs’ legal team hasn’t even disputed that; their only argument so far has been that all of these irregularities didn’t matter.

Judge Thompson’s bogus rulings agree with Katie Hobbs on that, Even though the court was shown conclusive evidence that there were definite problems in the signature matching verification process, Thompson blew those off and said, in effect, at least there was a process. According to this latest ruling, that is not all that is needed. Arizona law needs to be followed, and it is clear and unambiguous. Election officials must compare the signatures on the envelopes with the voter’s actual registration record. That was not done, as openly admitted by Katie Hobbs’ legal team, which renders their procedures illegal and therefore invalid.

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