Judge Joe Brown DESTROYS Trump Indictments!!!

TV sensation Judge Joe Brown is back! He utterly decimated the sham indictments against President Trump. He represents a massive surge of support for Trump among black voters who promise to send Biden packing in 2024.

– The classified documents case against Trump is widely agreed as baseless.

– The mainstream media is twisting the narrative to make indictments against Trump look possible when his support continually increases.

– Support for Trump is absolutely surging in the black community.

Judge Joe just observed that while all the other charges in New York and Fulton County are outright absurd, the classified documents charge is unique in that they’re trying to charge Trump for a crime that he constitutionally cannot possibly commit. That is what Judge Joe is pointing out here. The president of the United States alone has the absolute authority to classify or declassify any document he chooses. This power is given to him by what’s called the Presidential Records Act.

The Presidential Records Act gives the President exclusive, uncontestable authority to declassify whatever he wishes and the power to remove documents when he leaves The White House without the right of anyone to take those documents back. For example, when Judicial Watch sued Bill Clinton several years back to obtain taped conversations that he had with leaders on national security matters which he took with him after he left office. A federal court dismissed it because the president unilaterally gets to decide what documents require archived security.

The president alone has the power to classify and declassify whatever he wants and to take with him whatever documents he wants when he leaves office. The key here is that no one else has that authority. The legacy media and the Democrats are actively trying to convince you that the man who alone has the authority to classify and declassify does not have this authority.

Judge Brown shares the same opinion with other legal scholars such as Alan Dershowitz, Jonathan Turley, and Robert Barnes that there is no way these charges stick via the appellate process. Therefore, any convictions will inevitably get overturned. The outrage in all of this is that the political establishment knows this, and yet they continue to play along with it. This is happening from Democrats and Republicans. The political establishment knows there’s no way that any of these charges will pass judicial review on appeal, and yet they’re doing nothing to stop it.

They are both trying to stop a Trump second term. We are witnessing the system being weaponized against one man. It is no wonder that Trump is surging in support among black voters who themselves have felt victimized by a weaponized system. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit has pointed out that while Trump won 12% of the black vote in 2020, a historic high for the Republican candidate, Trump is now polling at an astonishing 19% among blacks. This is not shown just by Rich’s polling. Fox News corroborates that level of support almost to the number. They have Trump polling at 20% among Blacks, with Biden collapsing 30 points, from 91% support in 2020 to just 61% today. What Judge Joe is saying appears to be resonating with black voters like never before. We may be witnessing a political paradigm shift that will consign the Democrats to a permanent political minority, and they will only have themselves to blame!

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