Jordan Peterson’s Blueprint for Countering the World Economic Forum

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship is a vision of Jordan Peterson to replace the World Economic Forum with a vision of the world dedicated to faith, family, and freedom!

– The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference, a direct challenge to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Klaus Schwab, is taking place in London.

– The ARC conference represents an effort towards civilizational restoration and offers hope for the future.

– The gathering of over 1500 people aims to counter the globalist vision and promote a more optimistic, human-centric worldview.

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship conference, or ARC, is meeting this week. Over 1500 people have gathered together in London as a direct challenge to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Several months ago, Peterson announced the launching of an alternative consortium that would invite world leaders and businesses to re-imagine the future apart from the apocalyptic and technocratic tyranny of the WEF. This week, that vision has become a reality.

Here’s Peterson talking about the importance of rediscovering our true humanity for the flourishing of civilization:

At the heart of the conference is recapturing a powerful, vibrant, and optimistic vision of human flourishing in the realms of faith, family, and freedom. For example, here is the producer of the amazing film Sound of Freedom on the role of art in a flourishing society:

Here’s the comedian and cultural critic Konstantin Kisin on the new alliance between business leaders and cultural creators:

While all the talks were insightful, informative, and visionary, one stood out among them all as diagnosing exactly what needs to be done. At the conference came a powerful address by Eastern Orthodox philosopher Jonathan Pageau on the nature of the good in a flourishing society, and he focused on what needs to be done to ultimately end this globalist tyranny.

What Pageau said is key to understanding the civilizational crisis that we’re facing today. Religion, in the classical historical sense, is simply the revelation of reality. Jordan Peterson has been masterful in demonstrating this even to some of the most hardened atheists like Sam Harris. Our cognitive structure, by its very nature, sees the world in religious terms.

Everyone views something as sacred, something that is absolute and unquestionable. Everyone has a vision of the cosmos about what is sacred. Everyone has a view of society concerning that sacred cosmos and has a perception of ethics to be lived out in society. The classical religions were simply grand revelations of this vision of reality, from the eternal down to minute-by-minute life.

All the great books, stories, music, and architecture reflect this religious vision. Human civilization is historically rooted in the sacred, with some kind of priestly class tasked with interpreting the sacred, and then a political class tasked with enacting the sacred. A military class to protect the sacred, and then a cascading tapestry of various spheres in society that fulfills the sacred in every aspect of life, including all kinds of careers, enterprises, and economic endeavors.

What modern globalist society and the WEF represent is the total inversion of this civilizational vision. For them, scientists and technocrats, the managerial elite, who are traditionally more at the bottom of the sacred hierarchy are now on the top. They are the ones who are engineering and orchestrating society completely without regard to any sacred vision and without any sacred restraints. They are truly the masters of their universe. They are technocratic tyrants dedicated to implementing mechanisms of control and manipulation.

In the process, they have consigned the classical visions of the sacred as meaningless. They have ripped apart all that has to do with the eternal values of faith, family, and freedom. This is the heart of our predicament. Pageau is highlighting that the only solution is for each one of us in our own lives to restore that sacred hierarchy. That is the very architecture of reality and human civilization. Nothing short of that is going to work to resolve our current civilizational crisis. The good news is that with the gathering of ARC in London this week, it appears civilizational restoration is underway!

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