Jake Tapper May Cost CNN $1 Billion in Defamation Suit!

Kasie Hunt had a meltdown over a Trump spokesperson dropping truth bombs on CNN. Those truth bombs may be the LEAST of CNN’s worries. Her colleague that she was so concerned about, Jake Tapper, may be costing the fledgling network billions!

– During a CNN segment, Trump spokeswoman Caroline Leavitt criticized debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, leading to an intense reaction from Kasie Hunt.

– Jake Tapper is the subject of a significant defamation lawsuit filed by Zachary Young.

– A Florida Court of Appeals ruled that Young provided sufficient evidence of actual malice, allowing the lawsuit to proceed against CNN, which means Young can seek punitive, economic, and emotional damages potentially up to $1 billion.

CNN made headlines this week with the embarrassing temper tantrum from Kasie Hunt after Trump spokeswoman Caroline Leavitt began to criticize debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash for their past bias and animus against Trump. As it turns out, this is just the least of CNN worries when it comes to these two.

It’s being reported that Jake Tapper is actually the subject of a defamation lawsuit that could end up costing the fledgling news network upwards of $1 billion dollars. A Florida Court of Appeals recently ruled that a plaintiff by the name of Zachary Young can pursue punitive, economic, and emotional damages in a civil trial against CNN.

This is a lawsuit that was brought about in response to Jake Tapper’s comments allegedly defaming Zachary Young’s efforts to aid individuals in Afghanistan during the botched withdrawal back in 2021. The lawsuit involves Young’s security consulting firm called Nemex Enterprises, which worked to help evacuate Afghanis following the chaotic Taliban takeover of that country.

According to the lawsuit, Young is alleging that a CNN segment hosted by Jake Tapper smeared his security consulting company by implying it illegally profited when helping people flee Afghanistan. The Florida appellate court ruled that Young provided sufficient evidence of actual malice, and a level of conduct outrageous enough for his case to go forward in seeking damages from CNN. The total damages sought could approach or exceed $1 billion.

Obviously CNN doesn’t have that money. CNN is seeing its lowest audience in over 30 years. This lawsuit couldn’t have come at a worse time for them, and it’s obviously not the first time CNN has had to give an account for its blatant leftwing bias. CNN agreed to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic school student Nick Sandmann for an undisclosed amount of money a few years ago.

This was a major defamation lawsuit seeking about $250 million. While the amount they agreed to settle on remains undisclosed, we can be sure that Nick will not have to worry about money probably for the rest of his life. This was after CNN led a social media frenzy that attacked and vilified those Covington Catholic School students who participated in the annual March for Life in Washington DC.

It looks like CNN is getting caught once again pushing fake news, and ironically it is the allegedly impeccable Jake Tapper, moderator for Thursday’s debate, at its center!

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