Jack Smith’s Case CRUSHED!

The leftwing activists disguised as journalists are admitting this morning that Jack Smith’s case is over and he has lost!

– Supreme Court justices’ scrutiny of Jack Smith’s efforts to bring criminal charges against Trump suggests a trial before the 2024 election is unlikely.

– Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts express concerns about the broad and vague statutes potentially weaponized against future presidents.

– The LA Times also acknowledges the setback for the prosecution, suggesting a potential defeat in the Democrats’ lawfare against Trump.

The leftwing activists disguised as journalists over at Politico are officially throwing in the towel on the Jack Smith trial happening before November. All of the other trials will be pushed past November as well! Here’s how the piece starts:

“The already-slim likelihood that Donald Trump will face a criminal trial brought by special counsel Jack Smith before the 2024 election appeared to dwindle further Thursday in the face of withering scrutiny from the Supreme Court’s conservative majority.

One by one, the court’s six Republican-appointed justices — including three nominated by Trump himself — took whacks at Smith’s effort to quickly and cleanly reject Trump’s claim of immunity from criminal prosecution over his attempt to subvert the 2020 election.”

This writer probably should have said Trump’s ‘alleged’ attempt to subvert the 2020 election, since that has not been proven by any court at this point. It is so surreal reading pieces by so-called legal experts and commentators who deny Trump the fundamental foundation of our legal system, which is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

The piece continues, “Instead, during more than 2 1/2 hours of oral argument, the justices forecast a result that could require lower courts to spend months analyzing various aspects of Trump’s election plot, from organizing fraudulent slates of electors to leaning on his Justice Department to sow false doubts about the results. The purpose of those additional lower-court proceedings, several conservative justices suggested, would be to determine if some of the acts alleged in the special counsel’s indictment count as sufficiently ‘official’ presidential duties that they ought to be shielded from criminal charges.

Even if Smith were to win those battles, it would virtually ensure that a trial could not happen until after the election. The trial in the case was initially scheduled to begin in March of this year. But the proceedings in the trial court have been frozen for months while Trump has pursued his claim that he enjoys absolute immunity from any charges touching on his official acts.”

Trump is emphatically not arguing that he can do whatever he wants and that as long as he’s president, there is nothing anyone can do about it. The presidential immunity that Trump’s team is arguing for states that criminal prosecution of a former president must be predicated on impeachment and conviction. That is the constitutionally prescribed procedure for holding a president accountable for his actions while in office. If he’s not being held accountable to your liking, then you need to mobilize and vote in a new congress.

If criminal prosecution is not based on congressional impeachment and conviction, then every single subsequent president will be swamped with indictments after he leaves office. The law will be permanently weaponized against every single president like it is in banana republics! That’s exactly what Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Alito and Thomas and Roberts were so clearly concerned about. They kept pressing Jack Smith’s representative asking what on earth their guarantee is against the weaponization of the law against future presidents if it’s not the constitutionally prescribed process of impeachment and conviction?

Jack Smith’s counsel had no coherent answer for that, because there is NONE! Without the objective standard of prior congressional impeachment and conviction, post-presidential prosecution will be used as a weapon against every subsequent president from here on end. Every president, from now on, will be sued multiple times!

Politico is not alone in their despondency. The LA Times is also throwing in the towel. They are recognizing that the Democrats’ lawfare against Trump is over. Here’s a highlight from that admission: “It got worse for the prosecution, more or less out of nowhere, justice Brett kavanaugh suggested that one of the charges against trump, conspiracy to defraud the United states, relies on a statute that is so broad and vague that it would be misused by future prosecutors against future presidents. Justice Samuel Alito jumped in to 2nd the suggestion, taking up the criticism of the prosecution that Trump’s lawyers hadn’t even raised.

Since the court just heard arguments in a separate case that could invalidate two of the four charges against Trump – those under a federal obstruction statute – an opinion invalidating another charge could force Smith to soldier on with only one remaining charge against Trump, conspiracy against rights. That charge relies on the electorate’s right to have votes counted, which is a somewhat indirect approach to accountability for Trump’s pernicious post-election conduct.”

They are basically admitting defeat here! They are frothing at the mouth, weeping and gnashing their teeth because their blatant and deliberate attempt at thwarting the democratic process through their pathetic lawfare has just been dealt its most severe blow! The weaponized lawfare is at a standstill and looks unlikely to harm Trump for 2024, which is evidenced by the left’s despondency at these new developments.

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