Jack Smith CRUSHED By Bad News!

Trump is taunting Jack Smith because he knows he has no case, and now it appears official! Trump is already taking some much-deserved victory laps, not just when it comes to Jack Smith’s implosion, but also Biden’s collapse as well. They are calling Biden’s polling disaster a 5 Alarm Fire. DC is in panic mode today.

– The trial against President Trump in DC, related to his involvement on January 6th, has been dropped from the DC court’s public calendar and postponed indefinitely.

– Smith’s interference in the 2024 election involves convicting Trump before November, prompting him to bypass lower courts and appeal directly to the Supreme Court for a ruling on Trump’s immunity claim.

– The trial’s original March 4th date, strategically chosen before Super Tuesday, aimed at disrupting Trump’s campaign, but legal motions and the appellate process have complicated Smith’s efforts.

It is now being widely reported that the trial for President Trump in DC that was supposed to convict Trump of trying to overturn an election by his involvement with January 6th, has now been completely dropped from the DC court’s public calendar of scheduled trials. If you go to the DC federal court’s calendar for scheduled trials, Jack Smith’s case against President Trump has not only been removed from the originally scheduled March 4th trial date. It has been removed from the calendar entirely.

There is no Trump trial scheduled at all. It has been wiped clean away from the DC court schedule. Technically, the DC case against Trump has been postponed indefinitely! Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna just tweeted that she and her Republican colleagues sent a letter to Jack Smith. The rogue prosecutor weaponizing the law to blatantly interfere in the 2024 election demanded that he produce information about how he has conducted this sham indictment legally. He has jurisdiction to assemble a grand jury in Florida in the case of Trump’s handling of classified documents.

Smith was given 9 days to respond to the congressional inquiry, and Anna Paulina Luna pointed out that within hours after the congressional inquiry, the case against Trump disappeared. It got removed from the DC court docket. This rogue DC prosecutor is officially now in hiding. The case has been removed from the docket and Jack Smith is trying to dodge this congressional inquiry! This all started with Jack Smith jumping the shark several weeks back, Smith filed a desperate appeal to the Supreme Court a few weeks back where he bypassed all lower appellate courts.

The Supreme Court made a special ruling, an expedited ruling on whether President Trump can claim immunity from criminal charges for actions taken as president. The reason he did this is because Jack Smith’s sole job here is to interfere with the 2024 election. This interference requires that Trump be convicted by a corrupt DC court of a felony before the November election. The only way that happens is if the court sticks to the original March 4th trial date, which is the day before Super Tuesday.

The trial date was picked deliberately to take Trump off the campaign trail the day before the most important election day of the primaries. It is so obvious that this is deliberate election interference on the part of Jack Smith. The problem for Jack Smith to keep to that sham trial date was that Trump’s attorneys filed lengthy and well-thought-out motions reasoning that the Constitution and the doctrine of presidential immunity required dismissal of this criminal case.

The radical leftist Marxist judge in this case, Judge Chutkan, has denied each of the motions. On December 7th, Trump’s legal team began the appeal process, appealing Chutkan’s denials to higher courts. That is the problem for Jack Smith. As long as these motions are going through the appellate process, the case against Trump is effectively stalled. There is nothing Jack Smith or Chutkan can do against him. The appellate process can take months, going even beyond the November election. This whole sham trial has been scripted by the establishment to get Trump convicted before the election.

Jack Smith decided to file a motion directly to the Supreme Court to get them to rule on Trump’s immunity claim, thus bypassing the lengthy appellate process. He did everything he could to try to convince the Supreme Court that they needed to rule on this NOW. Smith demanded that the Supreme Court make this ruling during this current court session. He did not explain why in the filing, he simply demanded that the court must decide this issue before their current session is up.

He needs them to decide before the election, and that is because Jack Smith has been tasked by the Biden Justice Department to blatantly interfere in that election, with the legacy media’s help of course. The legacy media cheered him on all the way. The Supremes weren’t convinced. Smith’s motion to expedite the review of Trump’s claim to immunity from prosecution was denied. The Supreme Court saw how Smith was blatantly politicizing the legal system, they saw how he was desperately and deliberately trying to usurp the appellate process, and they weren’t buying Smith’s excuses. The Supremes decided that Trump’s immunity claim has to go through the appellate process, which can easily extend this trial way beyond the November election!

It has been nearly two months since Trump’s sham criminal proceedings got paused, and now the huge development is that not only has the March 4th date been scrubbed, but that is officially no longer happening. We knew Jack Smith got his weaponized March 4th date scrubbed, but now the case against Trump has been scrubbed. It has disappeared from the DC court docket. There is no trial for Trump scheduled in DC. This could change as things develop here, but for the time being, the trial has officially been delayed indefinitely. Jack Smith is in hiding. He is hiding from the congressional inquiry, which I’m sure is only going to end up heating up after all of this!

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