J6 Footage RELEASED!!!

It finally happened. Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has officially, as of Friday November 17th, declassified and released all of the footage from the January 6th capitol events. He tweeted out a link for citizens to view and comb through the hours of footage:

While Mike Johnson is far from a perfect Speaker he managed to do what Kevin McCarthy promised but never could. This is a great move in the direction of accountability for our elected officials. For too long we would elect a slate of representatives to Congress based on 3 or 4 promises only to have every single one of those promises systematically broken. Just think about the Wall, Ukraine aid, ending Obamacare, etc.

As we speak anons and autists are combing through this footage for feds, agent provocateurs, antifa, and any other misbehavior from law enforcement and the like. While bombshells will undoubtedly begin to drop shortly as these archives are analyzed, the narrative of a violent, well organized insurrection has been completely refuted. All sorts of clips of Capitol Police calmly leading groups of patriots around the capitol largely without incident have already gone viral on X:

All of this makes the imprisonment and prosecution of the J6 defendants even more abhorrent. Julie Kelly, who has been an advocate for the J6ers since day 1, is cheering this on but keeping the pressure on Republicans. She still condemns House Republicans for not starting their own Select Committee on J6 to adequately investigate those who weaponized it. The FBI has admitted to letting child pornographers run free to focus on January 6th issues. Completely depraved. We can hope that certain unjustly imprisoned patriots can begin to clear their names in the midst of this new evidence. Capitol Police literally shook the hands of peaceful patriots entering the building:

So if you feel so inclined, start combing through the footage and see what you find! Maybe Ray Epps being more suspicious? New evidence into the callous murder of Ashli Babbitt? Or maybe something no one expected. Either way this is a good day for America!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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