Biden and Harris are imploding. There’s just no other way of putting it. Poll numbers are in absolute and utter freefall, and there’s nothing that their cheerleaders in the lamestream media can do to stop it! The latest Suffolk University/USA Today poll has Biden’s approval rating right now at 38 percent. That abysmal rating means that 59 percent disapprove of the Brandon regime! Just to put this in context, this was the fourth poll in a row that has Biden in the 30s! The latest Trafalgar poll, which was the only polling outlet to call New Jersey correctly, has Biden sinking as well to 39 percent approval. The latest Quinnipiac poll has Biden barely clinging to life at just 37 percent approval. And the latest Zogby poll has Brandon’s approval rating cratering to an utterly humiliating 36.4 percent! So we’ve got now four independent, back-to-back polls coming out, all showing Biden in the 30s! And guess what, it gets even worse for Kamala! As it turns out, Kamala would be thrilled to get polling like that! The same USA Today poll has Kamala Harris’s Approval falling to an utterly dismal 28 percent.

It is now widely reported that Harris is officially the single most unpopular vice president in two generations! Harris is the most unpopular VP since the 1970s! From the moment Biden announced his pick of Harris, we knew that all she was going to do was drag this ticket down. Unsurprisingly, she’s radically unpopular even among Democrats. Kamala’s latest blunder showed her at a NASA presentation where she interrupted the NASA official making the presentation with an absurd question about trees. She wanted to know if NASA could ‘Trace whether white people have more trees in their neighborhoods than people of color!’ This kind of wokeness is making even woke people squirm!

Additionally, 46 percent of those polled believed that Biden has done worse than expected. This figure even included 16 percent who had voted for him! The most incredible poll shows that 64 percent of American voters don’t want Biden to run for another term! That includes 28 percent of Democrats! Why is this not headline news? Why is this not on the front page of every single major newspaper in the nation! Two-thirds of the American electorate does not want to see another Brandon term! Of course, this fact is not all over every front page because those media outlets are nothing more than propaganda wings for the Democratic Party.

The national backlash that the Democrats are about to face in the midterms is heating up. Republicans have just taken an unprecedented 8-point lead in the generic congressional ballot. This poll comes on the heels of another generic ballot from the left-leaning Quinnipiac survey a few weeks back. That survey found the Republicans leading the generic ballot 47 to 44 percent! That Quinnipiac poll was the first time the Republicans have led the Democrats since 2014, two midterms ago. The last time Republicans polled that high, they went on to utterly slaughter the Democrats and take control of the Senate and expand their majority in the House. It was an absolute bloodbath for the Democrats and things are becoming even worse for the Democrats now ahead of the 2022 midterms. Republicans are surging to a nearly double-digit lead that all but guarantees a bloodbath in the midterms.

This week 13 Republicans in the House bailed out Nancy Pelosi’s infrastructure bill vote. This bill would have gone down in flames as enough Democrats on the woke left voted against it. However, 13 Republicans saved the terrible idea! Given how Biden and the Democrats are imploding in the polls, there’s only one possible explanation for why they did what they did. These RINOs support Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden more than they support you. They love Nancy and Brandon more than they love you! Make absolutely no mistake: those 13 so-called Republicans despise their base! That’s the difference between Patriot Representatives and RINOs: RINOs hate their base! They despise the Republicans rank and file, and that vote was a vote of contempt. It was a vote of contempt for the Republican base!

Two of these RINOs are gone, Kinzinger and Gonzalez are retiring, so their vote was just them giving us the finger as they leave. However, the eleven others need to be primaried and gotten rid of so fast it’s going to make their heads spin! They are now the Pelosi Republicans, and there’s no way a Pelosi Republican can survive a primary challenge. How can they hope for reelection with two-thirds of the electorate wanting Biden to disappear! Even Pelosi herself looks like she’s not even going to run for reelection! So what they did is a perfect example of precisely why Trump won and why he continues to be so popular among the Republican base! Any attempt by the Republican establishment to distance the party from Trump is futile. It’s doomed to failure precisely because the party still has so many RINO Pelosi Republicans!

The vast majority of the Republican base, an expanding base, is sick and tired of Pelosi RINOs. Trump represents the great purge! With these latest numbers on Biden and Harris, that purge is going to happen! It’s going to happen with the Democrat bloodbath in the upcoming midterms, and it’s going to happen in the primary purges that rid the party as much as possible of any remaining remnants of Pelosi Republicans!