Is this what ENDS the Biden Presidency?!?!

-It looks like the Biden presidency may be short lived!

-The Special Counsel is a Trump appointed attorney

-Wait until you read how CHINA is directly connected to all of this!

Wow, it’s happening gang! We said Biden was imploding, but he’s crumbling even faster than I thought! Biden is now facing an official special counsel appointed to investigate his illegal stashing of classified documents, as even more documents have been discovered in a garage that he may not even own! We’re going to look at the latest developments over the last couple of hours, we’re going to see how a new web of corruption is already being exposed, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when I’ll show how even ladies over at the View are admitting that this is their worst nightmare come true!

And so it begins! Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed Robert Hur as special counsel to investigate Sleepy Joe’s illegal stash of classified documents, a stash that’s growing in number by the day! The special counsel is a man by the name of Robert Hur, who’s a former Trump-appointed US attorney in Maryland. He will be leading the investigation into Biden’s handling of the classified documents, and he may even learn a thing or two about corvettes in the process! Speaking of, an old picture is coming back to haunt Biden, it shows the garage he kept his corvette in with a number of documents piled up against the wall; are these the documents that were seized today? That’s going to be part of what I’m sure we’ll all be finding out! In a recent video I highlighted comments made by former-speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, who said that this bombshell revelation regarding Biden’s illegal stashing of classified documents is all the beginning of the unraveling of the whole Biden crime family! This bombshell revelation was, for Gingrich, just the tip of the iceberg! To change the metaphor, the can of worms that this is opening up is beyond astronomical!

For example, just hours ago, we learned from Myranda Devine of the New York Post that back in 2018, Hunter Biden claimed he actually owned the house where Sleepy Joe kept the classified documents alongside his Corvette in the garage! Now here’s the beauty in all of this, Miranda Devine is the one who broke the story on the Hunter Biden laptop back in October of 2020! How’s that for revenge? But it’s true! Documents show that Hunter Biden claimed that he was the owner of the house, not Joe, so then the next question is: what did Hunter see? Did Hunter have access to national security secrets in his own garage? And if Hunter had access, who else did? IN addition, John Solomon of Just The News is reporting a bombshell piece detailing how UPenn, which houses the Biden Center that was the original location for the first documents found, UPenn received tens of millions of dollars from China, coincidentally right after they began the process of opening up the Biden Center. And then, after years of getting these tens of millions, UPenn faculty, 160 to be precise, 160 faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania pressured Biden’s justice department under Merrick Garland to end an FBI counterespionage program targeting Beijing’s increasing influence within American academia.

Just so you know, it’s no secret among academics that China has become a cash cow for American universities; remember American universities are in a cash crunch right now. Enrollment has been down across the board for the last several years. Since 2004, nearly 900 colleges have closed their doors permanently, and nearly 10 thousand campuses have been shut down during the same time period! So China has basically been bailing out American colleges, and as it turns out, UPenn is one of them! So they’re getting tens of millions of dollars from China, coincidentally right after they start building the Biden Center, then 160 of their faculty petition Merrick Garland to shut down the FBI program looking into Chinese influence over our universities, and Garland ended up doing it. He shut down the counter espionage program! I mean, again, you can’t make this stuff up! Again, you have to let this hit you: the University of Pennsylvania, Home of the Biden Center pressured the Biden Justice Department to end an FBI counterespionage program targeting Beijing’s influence in US academia – while raking in millions from China! So yes, this is gigantic, and it’s so HUGE, this bombshell that’s exposing all of this corruption is so huge, wait until you hear what the ladies over at the View are saying,this is literally going to make your day!

We have a new conspiracy alert here, gang! Yes, the conspiracy theorists, the Q anons, are alive

and well on the View! Take a look:

That’s right, the Republicans are behind it! Trump is the luckiest guy on the planet, just when we were closing in on him, BOOM, this happens! Closing in on what precisely, Joy? Unlike Biden, Trump has the authority to declassify anything he wants! It’s called executive privilege, a privilege that Biden never had! And then, Whoopie, for heaven’s sakes, these documents got lost in the transition?!? Lost in a garage next to Sleepy Joe’s corvette? That’s getting lost in a transition, a transition he’s not legally authorized to make?!? They’re panicking gang; they’re absolutely panicking; we’ll have to see how things play out, but I think we got him; I think Joe is toast, but whatever happens, it’s sure going to be fun to watch!