Is the Plan to Replace Biden?!

The obvious question that everyone is asking is if the Democrats are really going to keep Biden as the nominee. Are they going to replace him? That’s exactly what we are going to find out!

– According to recent reports, the Democrats are facing increasing pressure and concern over President Joe Biden’s chances in the upcoming election.

– As noted by JD Vance, this debate performance could have severely damaged Biden’s presidency in the eyes of many voters.

– As the election approaches, the Democrats face the daunting task of either rallying behind Biden or finding a way to replace him without causing further disruption.

A senior White House correspondent at Fox is reporting that, “VERY well-connected Democratic source tells me – the house and Senate are the GOP’s for now -everyone is freaking out – Biden needs to go – but no way they replace him unless he agrees.”

We cannot even begin to imagine how many voters were utterly shocked by what they saw last night. Many people are just going about their lives, as they ought, trying to do what’s best for them and their families. They are not keeping track of what’s going on in the world of politics, all they do is get snippets of news, often from the legacy media.

That news has been over the last 3 1⁄2 years that everything’s great with Biden in charge! The media claimed that the economy is stumbling a bit, but we should not worry, because ‘it’s all turning around!’ They make the same claims about the southern border and inflation!

Tens of millions of people who haven’t really been following the campaign or what’s going on in DC, tuned in to the debate. For the very first time, they saw what we have been seeing for years now. They were utterly shocked!

What happened Thursday night is very simple: the mask got ripped off. The media charade came to a catastrophic end! Tens of millions of voters for the very first time, actually saw the real Joe Biden. As a result, all of the propaganda spewed by these cosmopolitan media elites shattered. Voters, by the tens of millions, no longer believe in Joe Biden. They no longer believe that he has their back and that he is in charge. Last night, Biden effectively ended his presidency! The great senator from Ohio, JD Vance, a top choice for Trump’s VP, nailed it:

The Democrats only have themselves and their elected leaders to blame for this. The Democrats forced Joe Biden onto their voters, they rigged their primaries in such a way that intentionally blocked real challengers like Bobby Kennedy, and they purposely put the South Carolina primary ahead of the New Hampshire primary so Biden wouldn’t get embarrassed with a low vote count like he was in 2020. They rigged the whole process and forced Biden on their voters!

Those same deceitful Democrat operatives are all now panicking wanting to unilaterally remove Joe as their nominee. They are stuck with him. This close to the election, it is not clear how they can legally and logistically pull off a substitute!

The AP has a great piece detailing precisely how hard if not impossible it would be for Democrats to pull off a switch this late in the game. The Delegates that Biden won during the primaries are legally bound to Biden, there’s no way around that. Democratic rules mandate that the delegates Biden won remain bound to support him at the party’s upcoming national convention unless he tells them he is leaving the race. He made it absolutely clear Thursday night in the after-party that he has no intention of dropping out.

Whether Democrats like it or not, the current rules designated by the DNC read: “Delegates elected to the national convention pledged to a presidential candidate shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.”

Even if he were to drop out, Kamala can’t just replace him. The vice president is Biden’s running mate, but that doesn’t mean she can swap in for him at the top of the ticket by default. Biden also can’t decree that she replace him should he suddenly decide to leave the race.

The moment that Biden abandons his campaign, we would have a whole flock of buzzards flying in to replace his carcass. California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota would all be swarming to take his place.

The left must have thought that the drugs could carry Biden through the debate. They must have thought that the White House doctors could work some magic, but as of Thursday night, those hopes among the leftwing activists disguised as journalists in the legacy media were dashed.

Frank Luntz said ‘After the first commercial break, I asked my focus group of undecided voters how many of them are more convinced to vote for Joe Biden. Zero raised their hands. Half of them say they voted for Biden in 2020.’

The whole point of this debate, when all is said and done, was for Biden to try to lure back the 20% of 2020 voters who voted for Biden, but who are now either voting for Trump, for someone else, or they are just not voting. This is what’s ultimately killing Biden. He’s hemorrhaged upwards of 20% of his vote.

Thursday night, Biden tried to get his fleeing voters back, and he failed miserably. Biden not only failed to get those voters back, he probably ended up losing MORE voters as a result! It was an abject disaster!

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