Immigration Bill on BRINK of COLLAPSE!

The Senate Border bill teeters on the brink of collapse according to a headline from Politico! We are seeing breaking news from Capitol Hill, you won’t believe what even the bill’s sponsor is now saying about it, as more and more pundits recognize that this border bill is destined for defeat!

– The bipartisan coalition supporting the border bill collapsed within 24 hours of its release and Speaker Mike Johnson confirmed its failure in the House.

– Senator James Lankford, the bill’s sponsor, is distancing himself from this bill amid calls for his resignation from Oklahoma Republicans.

– The bill’s flaws, including allowing 8,500 illegal migrants per day and granting unilateral authority to asylum officers, make it not viable to even consider.

When the Clinton healthcare bill was all the rave on Capitol Hill, the Republicans organized and they ended up crushing the bill, to the shock of the legacy media. Senator Phil Graham got in front of the cameras, and he announced to the shocked faces of the legacy media, ‘The only difference between this bill and Elvis is that some people still think that Elvis is alive!’

This is what comes to mind when reports came out from the wee hours on Capitol Hill that this border bill would effectively legalize illegal immigration is officially dead. Within just 24 hours of the bill’s being released, the supposed bipartisan coalition that was originally behind this bill is collapsing right before our very eyes! Here’s Speaker Mike Johnson confirming to Laura Ingram last night that the bill is DOA in the House:

He brings up the great question of why we would be passing more laws for a Homeland Security Secretary who does not obey and enforce the laws we already have. The current Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas refuses to enforce the laws that are already in place. Things are now so bad that support for this sham border bill is unraveling so quickly that even Mitch McConnell, the mentally declining pro-amnesty turtle has come out against the bill. It’s being reported that McConnell recommended to GOP senators behind closed doors that they block the border bill because it is increasingly clear that most Republicans are preparing to vote no, either because they oppose the bill or they want more time.

Lindsey Graham said yesterday that the bill won’t even make it to the scheduled vote on Wednesday. It is an abject disaster, and everyone knows it. This bill is now being rejected by almost every single Republican senator. The Republican senator who sponsored it, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, is now refusing to say whether he will vote to pass his bill. When the sponsor of the bill begins to distance himself from it, we can be sure that thing is toast.

We know why Lankford, like virtually all other Republicans, is distancing himself from it. Calls for his resignation are flooding the airwaves. Oklahoma Republicans are livid over this. This bill is dead. It will not advance this week, and it most likely won’t even come up for a vote on Wednesday as scheduled. We now have reports that even Lankford, the bill’s sponsor, will vote to filibuster. The bill needs 60 votes to pass, and it doesn’t look like it would get anywhere near that number at this point.

The Federalist has a great piece on how utterly absurd this bill is. It highlights three things that automatically disqualify this bill from even remotely being taken seriously. The bill allows 8,500 illegal migrants to cross the border every single day or 5,000 a day for the entire week. If either one of those things happens, the border supposedly gets shut down. Even before a supposed shutdown, the bill allows for 2 million illegal entries a year.

The actual border shutdown doesn’t get activated unless Mayorkas, the feckless secretary of homeland security says so. There is no automatic trigger to shutting down the border. It is the Homeland Security Secretary’s sole discretion, which he already has, which he refuses to enforce. Biden and Mayorkas could shut that border down completely right now, but they refuse to do so. This bill continues to grant them the discretion of deciding whether to close the border or not. The bill also gives the utterly feckless Mayorkas and asylum officers the unilateral authority to directly grant asylum to illegals without congressional approval. The bill purportedly would give ultra-leftist asylum officers direct authority to unilaterally grant amnesty to these illegal migrants. This bill is an absurd piece of legislation that is not even worth the price of the paper it’s printed on, and the good news is that, as things stand, this thing will never see the light of day!

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