Hunter Biden To Be INDICTED Causing White House Panic!

It’s now being widely reported that Hunter Biden will be indicted at the end of the month. The big question is: is this the way Democrats are going to get rid of Biden? He’s collapsing in the polls, he’s falling both physically and politically, and now this might be the moment they finally find someone else to take on Trump and try to stop what appears to be unstoppable Trump momentum!

– Federal prosecutors plan to bring charges against Hunter Biden by September 29th following the collapse of his plea deal.

– Hunter Biden officially pleaded ‘not guilty’ to charges and will likely stand trial, possibly facing a felony gun charge and tax evasion issues related to illicit business activities involving Joe Biden.

– Democrats and the media are openly discussing the possibility of finding an alternative to Biden for the 2024 election.

According to a motion filed by federal prosecutors, they will be bringing charges against Hunter Biden by Friday, September 29th by the court date set when Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal fell apart. The DOJ has been working together with the Democrats to try to completely sweep this whole Hunter Biden ordeal away. The Justice Department has been stonewalling the congressional oversight committees by saying that they couldn’t testify, they couldn’t cooperate because they were still technically investigating Hunter, but they would not reveal what they were investigating.

This was just an excuse to keep this from the Republicans running the congressional oversight committees, but that plan collapsed when Hunter’s attorneys and the Justice Department were grilled by a federal judge who probed the contradictions inherent in the sweetheart deal. The feds confirmed that the investigation may elicit a future Foreign Agents Registration Act charge which requires those working as agents of foreign entities to register with the government. Hunter Biden could be charged with that in the future. The judge then asked if this deal grants immunity to such a charge, and the representative of the DOJ replied that the deal did not and Hunter still could be charged with that. Then Hunter Biden’s attorneys said that they were under the understanding that this plea deal closed the lid on any future investigations. The DOJ responded by saying that was not their understanding, so Hunter’s attorneys called off the deal.

Hunter Biden officially had to plead ‘not guilty’ to the charges, which meant that they would eventually have to go to court. Hunter Biden, according to this latest motion filed, is going to stand trial. He will be indicted at the very least on the gun charge, it remains to be seen whether that will be a felony charge or not. If his tax evasion issues are a factor, which Reuters is reporting it most likely will, that involves his illicit business activities. Those illicit business activities we now know involved Joe. This is causing many to wonder if this is how the Democrats will get rid of Biden and replace him with someone else in 2024.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Democrats were confronted with utterly devastating news. The latest Wall Street Journal poll is devastating for Biden. 75% of voters think he’s too old. 69% of Democrats agree. Additionally, 60% of all voters believe Biden is not mentally fit for the job. Democrat pundits that comprise the legacy media are openly sounding the alarm on this. The New York Times just published a panicked piece. Their analysis has concluded that Biden’s polling numbers among black and Hispanic Democrats are the worst since the Walter Mondale presidential debacle in 1984.

The non-white working class is defecting away from Biden in record numbers, and they are all going to Trump. Trump has effectively severed what was once a 70-point lead among this constituency for Barack Obama to now just a 10-point lead for Biden, and Biden simply cannot win with margins that low among constituents that are necessary for Democrat election victories. The legacy media and Democrat pundits are beginning to openly question whether Biden 2024 is already over. If that is the case, they are desperately looking for someone else. This Hunter Biden indictment may be the thing they exploit to do just that!

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