Greater Idaho Wins in 12th Oregon County!!!

The movement to move Oregon’s border and incorporate Eastern Oregon and its 380,000 residents to Idaho is growing by the day! On Thursday, May 25th Wallowa County, Oregon voted to join Idaho in a close election! This means every county directly bordering Idaho has voted to move the border and only 3 other full counties are left to vote before the total area of Greater Idaho has chosen to join! Besides those three other counties (Crook, Gilliam, and Umatilla) parts of Wasco and Deschutes counties will also be divided by natural boundaries like the Deschutes river if the plan moves forward.

Now many are quick to say that this state border move is unlikely but unlike state secession movements, which are growing in their own right, inter state compacts and border movements have precedent in modern times and largely rely on agreements between the two state legislatures. The Idaho House of Representatives has already voted to support these counties joining and Governor Brad Little (not a nationalist by any stretch) has publicly stated he would support the measure and with Wallowa county’s decision the likelihood of Greater Idaho has only increased. As for the three remaining counties yet to vote, Crook county is scheduled to vote next and is expected to vote in favor of the measure (considering it voted 73% for Donald Trump in 2020). Afterward Umatilla county votes in November and while it is slightly less Ultra MAGA (only 64% for Trump), and then the only county whose entire border remains within proposed Greater Idaho is Gilliam county which has less than 2000 residents and voted over 70% for Trump. If all of these counties manage to vote as anticipated, and precinct and county authorities can make headway in Wasco and Deschutes counties, the leftists in Salem and Portland will have even less of a reason to not seriously consider the popular measure. To get even more zoomed in, Deschutes county is the only “blue” county (voted 53% for Biden) involved in the plan but is divided well before any blue precincts would make it into Idaho.

So why would the far left Oregon legislature support Greater Idaho and moving Oregon’s border? Well for one, it would immediately end the gridlock within the Oregon Senate caused by the representatives of Eastern Oregon blocking legislation and refusing to attend sessions to resist insane, far left budget proposals that seek to bankrupt and further interfere with the lives of rural Oregonians. Oregon Republicans have repeatedly walked out and denied the majority quorum due to the sheer depth of divide between northwestern state dems and the rural eastern conservatives. Oregon would be able to thrive as a progressive mecca, unimpeded by the simple Christian folks living over the Cascade mountains. Another reason for Oregon to surrender the East is that it would save them tax revenue as the rural eastern areas are, on average, subsidized by the large population center of Portland.

While the Greater Idaho project is a long shot, it is likely to gain clear support and a mandate from the majority of Eastern Oregon. Over 60% of those residing in the region support the border move. If the Oregon legislature can be properly convinced (as well as pressured by the Eastern Oregon Republicans) then I see no reason why a Republican Congress would not liberate these 380,000 people from secular leftist tyranny. Remember this is 9% of the population living on 62% of the state’s land separated by a huge mountain range. We know the GOP is not known for its dynamic vision of the future (before Trump forward thinking was basically illegal in the RINO nest that was the GOP) but a move like this that proves that real change can occur, fundamental lines can be redrawn, and secures Idaho as a true conservative Christian stronghold is something that can inspire a new generation of nationalists to work in their states to bring this country back from the brink it has been pushed to. Onward Greater Idaho!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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