Georgia Bans Foreign Agents! LGBT Next?

The Christian nation of Georgia has succeeded in resisting globalist interference and successfully passed their anti foreign agent law! On May 29th the nationalist Georgian Dream Party utilized their parliamentary supermajority and overruled President Salome Zourabichvili’s veto of the law that came earlier this year. This is a huge victory for Georgian sovereignty as the small Caucasian nation was racked with weeks of violent protests stoked by the very foreign agents who will now be forced to register under this new bill.

Despite the fact that the new bill is not too different from the United States own Foreign Agents Registration Act(known as FARA), the Georgian bill requiring NGO’s and entities that receive more than 20% of their funding from outside of Georgia to register as foreign agents is being called a “pro Russian bill” and the Georgian Dream party is accused of being puppeteered by the Kremlin. The Georgians did not waver, however, and balked at the threats from Brussels to remove their EU candidacy status in light of the bills passing. They were even unperturbed by threats from US officials to sanction those politicians behind the legislation. In fact, they seem to have recognized that any attempt at retaining sovereignty will lead to accusations of Russophilia so why fight it? There are rumors that the Georgian Dream party is now considering a “Russian style” anti-LGBT propaganda bill. 

Georgia is one of the most fiercely anti-degenerate Christian nations in the world. Every year NGO’s (who will all undoubtedly be forced to register under the new foreign agent law) foist “Tbilisi Pride ” on the Orthodox people of Georgia and attempt to spread the ideology of sin and decadence throughout the nations capital. Thankfully every year Georgian citizens, led by Priests and Bishops of the Georgian Orthodox Church, march against this foreign nonsense and totally drown out the LGBT propagandists. In the past the “Tbilisi Pride” offices have been ransacked and the organizers literally driven out of town.

At the end of 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law expanding already existing legislation restricting the public spread and display of homosexual propaganda. Now in Russia most expressions of this lifestyle are restricted and propagandizing children with it carries heavy penalties. Now after the successful implementation of the anti foreign agent bill, the Georgian parliament is debating new “Family Values” legislation that will restrict LGBT propaganda, trans/gender reassignment surgeries, and other bizarre modern innovations that seek to undermine Christian societies. Needless to say, the international cabal who sought to usher Georgia into the globalist “international community” and then use them as a new southern flank against Russia are not pleased with this.

Georgia is witnessing the tragedy to its south in Armenia as Azerbaijan takes more and more territory and the Armenianpeople suffer under a western puppet Prime Minister. The fruits of allying with the European Union and liberal globalists are slim. Georgia may have disagreements with Russia but it would rather deal with the great bear to their north on their own terms and not surrender to globalist degeneracy. Despite being such a small nation, their strong loyalty to Christ and their unity in the Georgian Orthodox Church and the Georgian language give them the ability to stand up to even the most powerful principalities and powers. Godspeed Georgia.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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