Freedom Convoy Awakens Patriot Protests Around the World!!!

It appears that the center of the world is Ottawa right now! As you may know, truckers from all across Canada formed a massive 40-mile long convoy that has traveled across the nation from British Columbia all the way eastward to Ottawa, the country’s capital. Over the past two weeks this convey has effectively shut down the capital! The gutless, far-left prime minister Justin Trudeau remains in hiding. He’s nowhere to be found, but that hasn’t stopped the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, from declaring a state of emergency. He is now stating that the Freedom Convoy has been: ‘A serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents.’ Far-left technocrats always use that ‘safety’ language. We’re here for your safety, We’re imposing all these limits to your freedoms, for your safety! It’s all for the children, isn’t it? Needless to say, Ottawa police have started removing all fuel and propane from the Freedom Convoy truck parking lot, which of course is an absolute disgrace!

To make matters even worse, the ultra-left GoFundMe crowdfunding platform actually froze Freedom Convoy’s official campaign. A campaign that reportedly had raised $10 million dollars for the truckers. GoFundMe officials said that they were working together with Ottawa law enforcement in shutting down the campaign and denying them their funds saying: “We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.” Now again, isn’t that interesting because these same officials for GoFundMe, who are suddenly so concerned about unlawful occupations, are the same feckless leftists who supported the whole Antifa fiasco in Seattle. Remember the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest when they took over a portion of Seattle and called it CHAZ, the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.  Apparently the far-left activists running GoFundMe had absolutely no problem whatsoever with that unlawful occupation! Needless to say, GoFundMe is getting some major backlash! Elon Musk called GoFundMe a bunch of ‘professional thieves.’ Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is accusing GoFundMe of outright fraud! And already, other crowdfunding platforms like the Christian site Give-Send-Go are standing in the gap and raising millions on the truckers’ behalf! That’s why we need to always be building a parallel polis. We should aim to establish parallel institutions and structures and businesses free from all things woke! God bless Give-Send-Go!

Apparently these tactics by the police and GoFundMe aren’t doing anything other than strengthening the resolve of the truckers. Recently a video emerged with one truck driver giving us a frontline update after the police came in and took the propane and fuelI. He made it abundantly clear that they are not backing down. The truck drivers and countless people there standing for freedom are not leaving any time soon. The intimidation tactics, as the driver pointed out, were not working. They are more determined than ever to shut down Ottawa until the mandates are lifted.

We are now seeing comparable protests springing up all over the world! Courage is contagious, and these Canadian patriots are inspiring tens of thousands of truckers in other countries to rise up and organize their own Freedom Convoys! From the Netherlands to New Zealand and from London to Australia truckers are hitting the road and sending a clear message: end these absurd mandates once and for all. Here in the States it looks like we’re seeing a comparable convoy amassing that will cross the nation and end up in Washington DC, all but guaranteeing to make the supply chain disruption even worse! I bet Biden’s going to love that. He’ll have no idea of it of course, but those who would have otherwise voted for him will, and that’ll promise to sink his approval ratings even deeper, if that’s even possible at this point!

We really are seeing nothing less than the birth of a massive patriot uprising all over the world all galvanizing around the banner of Freedom! The media’s recognizing it; the far left activists disguised as journalists in the mainstream media are recognizing that the world is galvanizing around the message of freedom championed by the Canadian convoy.

The media of course has no other way of portraying it as a far-right resurgence. Politico tells us: “‘Ottawa truckers’ convoy galvanized far-right worldwide’” The evil racist bigoted xenophobic neo-fascist far-right! You want to see what the worldwide far-right looks like? A short video recently emerged of the truck convoy setting up bouncy castles for children to play in as they occupy the streets of Canada! What a menacing group! The extremism is so apparent, it’s so frightening; how did things come to this? Sorry, far-leftist globalists, sorry fake news media, the worldwide patriot uprising is happening! You can stop it here or there, but there’s no stopping the movement as a whole! The uprising is here, and freedom will indeed win!