Fox News Tried To SABOTAGE Trump and Failed!

The never Trumpers at Fox News are at it again. The likes of Rupert Murdoch, Paul Ryan and Niel Cavuto are attempting to thwart Trump’s surge now with fake polls. We are going to see why this latest poll coming from Fox is bogus and we are going to see how even forces within the Rupert Murdoch empire are admitting that Trump is absolutely running away with this!

– The latest Fox News poll showing Biden ahead of Trump has sparked significant backlash from Trump supporters and critics of the network, who accuse it of skewing results.

– While Fox News reported Biden’s lead, the New York Post, owned also by Rupert Murdoch, highlighted a cover story showing Trump surging in swing states.

– The controversy over the Fox News poll underscores the contentious and highly strategic nature of modern political polling.

The Never Trumpers over at Fox News are back at it again and they’re more pathetic than ever. At the moment Trump appeared to be breaking away in the polls, Fox News began claiming that Biden is beating Trump:

The number one concern among voters, according to this Fox News poll, is “the future of democracy.” This is an absolute JOKE! No other poll from any far-left outlet anywhere in the country shows ‘the future of democracy’ as the number one issue among voters. ‘Stability and Normalcy’ also ranks above the southern border security or the economy.

Brett Bair was just reading off polls concocted, fabricated, and approved by the powers-that-be. The more you dive into the crosstabs of this Fox News poll, the more absurd it becomes. The poll has Biden winning the rural vote 50 to 48. Fox News put out a poll that has Biden winning the rural vote, which is the most MAGA demographic on the planet.

The Fox poll also has Trump beating Biden with white voters by just 6%, 46 to 40. Every Republican since Richard Nixon has won the white vote by double digits. Trump won it by almost 20 points in 2020. No other polls are showing Biden poised to win the white vote. President Trump himself wasted no time in trashing the Paul Ryan-concocted poll; posting on Truth social, here’s what he said:

“The latest Fox News poll is TRASH! They used a biased, Democrat-leaning sample of voters, polling more Biden 2020 voters than Trump 2020 voters to skew the results in favor of Crooked Joe. I am leading BIG in virtually every other poll, including in all of the key battleground states, like Wisconsin, where I just held a massive rally, and Pennsylvania, where I will be on Saturday. Also, the #1 issue in this Country is not protecting democracy. It is INFLATION and IMMIGRATION! If it is protecting democracy, Trump is your best choice, because Crooked Joe Biden is the greatest threat to democracy in history with his Open Border and weaponization of our justice system against his political opponent, ME! Fox News polls have never treated me, or MAGA, fairly! Don’t worry, we will WIN!!! Fox News should get rid of Paul Ryan, and get a new Pollster, but they won’t.”

In an ironic twist of events, if you want further evidence that this Fox Poll is absurd, we can look at the cover of Friday’s New York Post:

The NYP has the same owner as Fox, but it published a cover that says ‘Swing for the fences’ with a picture of Trump holding a baseball bat poised to hit a homerun. It also states that a “New poll has Trump up in every swing state,” and “He’s battling for blue MN and NY too!”

Never-Trump Rupert Murdoch’s Fox tells us Biden is surging and that polls have swung 15 points in his favor over the last few weeks. The same Never-Trumper’s New York Post tells us that Trump is actually knocking it out of the park and crushing it in the polls.

There is a theory of what Fox is doing here, and it’s actually the opposite of Fox trying once again to sabotage Trump. Rupert Murdoch and the billionaire class actually want Trump back. The best way to guarantee that is to keep Biden in. If Biden gets replaced, that could possibly jumpstart the Democrats and lead them to victory. There would be no better way to assuage the fears of concerned Democrats than to show some polls with Biden up.

It is considered a possibility by some that Fox is intentionally trying to manipulate the Democrats into keeping Biden in the race so Trump can crush him in November. Trump is surging in deep blue Minnesota and New York. Trump is crushing in at least two deep blue states and he is also contesting in Virginia. It will be interesting to see how the polling continues, especially after the presidential debate next week!

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