Boy do we have an amazing movement that’s sweeping America! If you love the Second Amendment, you are going to absolutely love this!

-Florida to become the 26th Constitutional Carry State!

-Gun grabbing is a thing of the past in the vast majority of US counties!

-The liberals have LOST!

We are on the cusp of history with a bill that Florida governor Ron DeSantis is set to sign into law; a bill that will make constitutional carry the law of the land in Florida cleared its first and most likely only hurdle today in the state Senate. With Republican supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature, this bill, which will allow concealed carry without a permit, is set to reach Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk and become Florida law in mere weeks! As such, Florida will become, officially, the 26th state to recognize and defend constitutional carry! Now, in the case of Florida, there’s still some issues that need to be worked out; for example, nothing in this law changes a pre-existing law that makes it illegal to open carry; so they’re going to have to eventually address that, and, again, with supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature, that shouldn’t be a problem!

And it shouldn’t be a problem precisely because constitutional carry is clearly the wave of the future; with its passage in Florida, constitutional carry will now be the dominant second amendment position in the nation, with more than half of the states adopting and protecting it! And we have to give credit where credit is due here; one of the primary reasons why constitutional carry is sweeping the nation is precisely because of the new conservative majority of the Supreme Court, which leftist liberals absolutely hate and despise! And there’s plenty to hate and despise if you’re a woke leftist! As many of you know, back in June of last year, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling known as the Bruen Decision, which involved the state of New York. New York officials tried to require gun owners to show quote “proper cause” to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home. Now keep in mind, the 2nd amendment clearly states that American citizens have the right to BEAR arms, we have a constitutional right to carry guns! But the Democrat monopoly in New York didn’t think so. So the Supreme Court stepped in and, in a 6 to 3 ruling, struck down the law as blatantly unconstitutional. The court agreed that the only person, according to the 2nd Amendment, the only human being on the planet that should decide what the proper cause is for carrying a concealed weapon is the person carrying it! The person bearing it! That’s what ‘shall not be infringed’.means! And so the Bruen decision has been absolutely freaking out liberals ever since, and that’s because it’s officially overturning all of these lower court decisions that were upholding restrictive permit requirements for concealed gun carry! But that’s all falling apart now, even in the bluest of blue states!

For example, recently in New York, yes, once again, New York, their state Supreme Court struck down a gun confiscation law citing the Bruen decision. The law was called ERPO,which stood for Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and it was a liberal-inspired red flag law, right? Red flag laws allow the government to seize firearms from a person they believe poses a threat to themselves or others even though they haven’t committed any crime! And so, since the law took effect in New York back in 2019, there have been nearly 2 thousand gun removal orders. It was a radically draconian law that was used by woke leftists to incrementally disarm New Yorkers. Well their State Supreme Court ruled that the ERPO law violated the second amendment, and they cited the Bruen Decision as Supreme Court president for interpreting the Second Amendment! So not only are we seeing constitutional carry defended at the highest judicial level, but that defense is now forcing even the bluest of blue states to have to recognize constitutional carry! It’s fascinating stuff! And all you have to do to recognize what an amazing achievement this is, is look at the legacy media freaking out over it!

The Washington Post is excoriating Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans for recognizing constitutional carry as the law of the land; but again, what these leftist liberals don’t seem to get is that the decision has already been made at the highest judicial level with the Supreme Court; state courts are already reevaluating previous lower court decisions in light of a new judicially-recognized constitutional carry era! And what this is doing is taking what’s known as second amendment sanctuaries, and it’s making them the law of the land!

One of the most amazing developments over the last decade is the rise of what has come to be known as second amendment sanctuaries. Since their inception during the Obama era, second amendment sanctuaries promise safe haven for gun owners with law-enforcement officials promising to protect rather than violate their second amendment rights! Since their inception, second amendment sanctuaries have exploded across the nation, such that today, the vast majority of all counties in the country have officially designated themselves second amendment sanctuaries. Nearly 2 thousand of the just over 3 thousand counties in the USa have designated themselves pro-gun counties! In addition, countless sheriffs across the nation have pledged to uphold the second amendment, including every single sheriff in the state of Utah! But now, with constitutional carry being formerly recognized in the majority of states, we’re beginning to see something amazing happening to these second amendment sanctuaries; they’re becoming, in effect, the default law of the land, even in the bluest of blue states, like we’re seeing with New York. Oh, sure, leftist governors are going to continue to do their best to harass gun owners and ban so-called assault weapons and the like; but those days are clearly beginning to wane, especially given that the Supreme Court has become the most powerful second amendment sanctuary of them all! An era of constitutional carry is rising, gun-confiscating liberals have officially lost!