Fiscal Responsibility Squad REFUSES Wasteful CR, Shutdown Approaches

As the clock ticks towards the new federal fiscal year on October 1, Congress is buzzing with concern and frustration. The approaching government shutdown, the fourth in a decade, is a direct result of Democrats and RINOs alike navigating a political quagmire they created.

Annual appropriations bills, a cornerstone of the legislative process, have consistently been delayed or neglected. In nearly five decades, Congress has managed to pass all necessary appropriations measures on time only four times.

The envisioned appropriations process outlined in the 1974 Congressional Budget Act has strayed far from its orderly intentions. It has become a messy blend of budget blueprints, stopgap spending measures, and sprawling omnibus appropriations packages hastily put together.

After the budget resolution, Congress must pass separate bills, each funding federal agencies and activities. However, this crucial responsibility has been disregarded, with Congress failing to pass the necessary appropriations bills on time since 1996.

The national debt soars, reaching a staggering 33 trillion dollars. This obviously highlights that passing the proposed Continuing Resolution (CR) conflicts with fiscal responsibility and in reality serves as directly stifling the welfare of the future American generation. The CR perpetuates financial mismanagement, prioritizing questionable expenses over sparing future generations from an insurmountable debt burden.

The struggle to pass appropriations bills on time underscores the lack of power and conservative backbone among embattled Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

Amidst this resistance in Congress, a group of courageous members has taken a stand against what they perceive as a wasteful Continuing Resolution (CR). Representatives such as Andy Biggs, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Ken Buck, Tim Burchett, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and others have voiced their opposition to the wasteful CR. One member even went as far as saying it would “take a miracle” to avoid a shutdown on October 1.

Many of these members opposing the CR have cited outrage over the CR’s allocation for more Ukrainian aid, lack of funding for the incursion happening at the southern border, and other issues plaguing their constituents’ everyday lives.

The Continuing Resolution in its current form jeopardizes the nation’s financial future, prioritizing even MORE funding for Ukraine, somehow setting a far more dangerous precedent of careless spending than we’ve already seen in recent years.

The bravery of the resistance fighters in Congress should serve as a rallying cry to other members to hold themselves accountable when presiding over the budgeting of the land.

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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