Feminism is DYING! Dr. Steve Interviews George Gilder!

George Gilder has written many bestselling books on gender and sexuality. His book Men and Marriage discusses the differences between the sexes and the centrality of this idea in society.

– George Gilder argues that gender differences are fundamental to society and should not be suppressed.

– He notes a significant increase in illegitimacy rates over the past 50 years and its impact on family disorientation.

– He argues that the welfare state has contributed negatively to humanity, particularly with rising illegitimacy rates.

Gilder argues that the differences between the sexes cannot be eclipsed or suppressed as they are a fundamental pillar of society. These differences cannot be rejected without destroying civilization itself. He argues that we are creating a ‘sexual suicide’ society where men are excluded from the fabric of familial life and society. The welfare state has spent billions of dollars empowering women to raise children without fathers.

We see the problems arising in families when fathers are not connected to children and the future of the race. The father’s role is central to civilization and cannot be discarded. Gilder points out that this is well-known within anthropology.

When Gilder wrote his book 50 years ago, the illegitimacy rate in the inner city was 25% which he observed many found appalling. Now it is almost 80%. Kids without fathers grow up disoriented and less grounded. These multiplying perversities such as the LGBT movement are a result of the collapse of the role of fathers.

Family is the only institution by which we learn that we are obligated to people, places, ideas, and identities that we did not choose for ourselves. Liberalism was previously agnostic and now is hostile to the institution of marriage, and it eroded the institution that would instill in people their moral obligations and duties. When families and marriages collapse, we will not be building society but rather destroying it.

Gilder mentioned that the illegitimacy rate has nearly tripled since his book was initially published. He explained how the Industrial Revolution happened at a time when families were mainly intact. He connects the stellar growth of civilization at this time as the nuclear family was prominent.

He also mentions how charity is a personal thing based on morality and religion. When charity is institutionalized and the administrative state takes over, the process does not function anymore. Trillions of dollars have been spent in the inner cities, and the illegitimacy rate has skyrocketed from 25% to 80%. He also argues that the welfare state is not a mixed issue where it has done some good and harm. It has only contributed negatively to humanity.

Men are going to dominate no matter what the gender norms of the day are. We have seen this as true throughout the centuries as civilization has changed. Through the family structure, men become more invested in civilization-building pursuits rather than selfish ones. Gilder’s book discusses this and many more elements of marriage, family, gender, and sexuality. This book can be purchased herehttps://dadsareback.com/?utm_source=turleytalks

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