Fani Willis Just LIED UNDER OATH!

The Fulton County case against President Trump is imploding right before our very eyes. It’s their corruption from within the DA’s office that is ultimately killing the case!

– Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis has admitted to having an affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, raising ethical concerns.

– Wade received nearly $1 million in legal fees as a special prosecutor, leading to suspicions of financial benefit for Willis.

– The revelations cast doubt on the integrity of the prosecution against Trump, potentially leading to its collapse due to prosecutorial corruption.

She has now officially admitted to having an affair with her subordinate, the special prosecutor that she appointed. According to the affidavit filed by her subordinate, and admitted partner, Nathan Wade, the affair began sometime in 2022. The month, however, has not yet been determined. That is significant because Wade was appointed special prosecutor by Willis in November of 2021. If they were having an affair before that appointment, it would be considered a violation of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, which are the State’s guidelines for lawyer ethics.

Those Rules of Professional Conduct require an attorney to practice with “independent judgment,” which means that government officials like Willis are to be “in fact and in appearance, independent and impartial in the performance of their official duties. Based on this code of conduct, if the two were having an affair before Wade was appointed special prosecutor, this would mean the disqualification of both Willis and Wade in that they both failed to maintain an air of professional impartiality in the carrying out of their duties.

The problem that is growing by the hour for both Willis and Wade, is the question of what these two meant by the admission to what Wade calls in the affidavit a ‘personal relationship’ in addition to their professional relationship. They have been professional associates and friends since 2019, long before Wade was appointed prosecutor in Trump’s case. Wade has testified that there was no ‘personal relationship’ between them before he was appointed prosecutor in 2021.

Many people are questioning the meaning of the term ‘personal relationship’ that he used repeatedly. It is so vague and it begs the question as to whether anything romantic was going on before his appointment. Was there a flirtatious interaction between the two, texts, emails, or dates before there was a formal ‘personal relationship?’

The question as to when exactly Willis and Wade started having an inappropriate relationship is increasingly relevant given how they both are evading the financial benefits they’ve been sharing as a result of this prosecution against Trump. Not only did Fani Willis appoint her ‘boyfriend’ as special prosecutor, but she ended up paying him inordinate sums of money. According to a court filing, Wade got almost $1,000,000.00 in legal fees since he was appointed prosecutor, which far exceeds any compensation commensurate with that position.

So why was he getting money like that? As it turns out, Wade’s divorce proceedings revealed that he and Willis were taking all kinds of extravagant, lavish vacation trips to places like San Francisco, Napa Valley, Florida, and Royal Caribbean cruises ever since Wade got the gig as special prosecutor. Fani Willis knows that this implicates her as a financial beneficiary of the appointment, so she’s had to deny that.

According to the legal substack Techno Fog, Fani Willis testified that “Financial responsibility for personal travel taken is divided roughly evenly between the two, with neither primarily responsible for expenses of the other.” She is claiming that they each paid for themselves, deflecting any notion that somehow she, Fani Willis was financially benefiting from the inordinate amount of money that she was paying to Wade. The problem here, as Techno Fog points out, is that recordsfrom Wade’s divorce demonstrate that Wade paid thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in trips for Willis.

We have the receipts, itineraries, and hotel room bookings. The receipts demonstrate that it is an outright lie to claim the couple is “equally” splitting travel costs, and it is blatantly deceptive for Willis to maintain that she has seen no financial benefit from Wade’s appointment. That is objectively not true! It is a clear Due Process violation for prosecutors to have a personal or financial interest in a prosecution. So it does look like we are seeing this Fulton County case against Trump collapse, and it was the prosecution’s corruption that ultimately led to that collapse!

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