Elon Musk: WEF is SATANIC!!!

-Elon Musk TORE INTO Globalism and the WEF this past week!

-As Europe experiences energy and economic crisis the demons in davos realize their power is waning

-I’ll reveal exactly how the WEF can do NOTHING to stop their inevitable irrelevance!

Elon Musk isn’t mincing words when it comes to the World Economic Forum. You’re going to love the twist he just put on the Demons in Davos! We’re going to see exactly what Musk is talking about, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when I’ll reveal why the Days of Davos are indeed, inevitably, coming to an end!

The ultra-billionaire and Twitter owner Elon Musk is turning some heads with some words he has for the meeting this week at Davos. As many of you know, the World Economic Forum is gathering in the Swiss mountain village for its annual meeting that was infamously named the Great Reset back in 2020. Musk made the remarks in a response to a lengthy twitter thread by Michael Shellenberger about the Davos gathering. In one of the tweets, Shellenberger noted that the WEF’s “wealth is managed by an internal Investment Committee that seeks to incorporate ‘environmental, social and governance (that’s ESG) criteria in its investment strategy to manage the foundation’s long-term strategic reserves.’” And that’s where Musk chimed in, tweeting: ‘The S in ESG stands for Satanic.’ Well, Elon, don’t hold back, tell us what you REALLY think! And then, just a day or two later, Musk responded to a Twitter user who shared this video from the gathering:

If you can believe it, Klaus Schwab just said there that the WEF can be trusted because they use Interpol. Interpol is the international criminal police organization and he thinks implementing an international police state evokes trust and confidence! And that’s how Musk responded as well, he tweeted out: ‘WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want’ Truer words have never been tweeted! Now, if you don’t know what the ESG standards are that Musk referred to as Satanic, again, it stands for environmental, social and governance criteria, ESG, and it refers to scores that corporations get in relation to those three areas so that investors can show they are investing in companies that advance leftwing social justice goals, and that includes green energy, racial equity, even abortion access. It’s basically the attempt to pressure companies to become more and more woke!

Many have noticed that the ESG scores are eerily similar to China’s social credit system.The social credit system is a technocratic project that seeks to control human behavior so as to ‘maximize’ safety and sustainability! It started back in 2014 with a full nationwide rollout in 2020. It’s been described by the South China Morning Post as China’s “most ambitious project in social engineering since the Cultural Revolution.” According to one anthropological study, the aim is for the national system, once fully functional, to allocate a social credit score to members of the public based on their social, economic or other activities and deeds. With the so-called ‘red-list’ and ‘blacklist’, the aim is to effectively regulate both the behavior of private citizens as well as that of businesses.

The social credit system leverages ‘Big Data’ which monitors the geolocation, purchasing history, social media content usage, and footage from CCTVs that are equipped with facial recognition technology, all to determine everyone’s compliance with government rules, mandates and goals, or, of course, their non-compliance; and those who are non-complaint can see their bank accounts frozen, they can see their passports revoked, they can see all kinds of civil liberties being taken away. It is, according to Foreign Policy magazine, the closest thing we have seen to the actualization of an Orwellian system controlling virtually every aspect of human life! But many are wondering what if China’s social credit system is just the beginning; could it be that THAT is precisely what the Demons in Davos have in mind for the world?

It’s now widely recognized that ESG scores have the potential of turning into the internationalizing of something akin to China’s social credit system! And this is precisely where the Demons in Davos come in; they’re the technocrats who are plotting the architecture of just such an internationalized social credit system. What we have to understand is that technocrats by their nature CONTROL; that’s what technocrats do, that’s the job description. Technocrats, who oversee a globalist system, globalism simply being a vast interlocking mechanism of technology and telecommunications that creates in effect a single worldwide political and economic system. Globalism is ruled by technocrats, and technocrats, like technology itself, are all about control and management! That’s by definition what it means to be a technocrat! And the social credit system is a technocratic project that seeks to control human behavior so as to ‘maximize’ safety and sustainability, particularly ecological sustainability! And as part of that there are punitive measures for those who refuse to go along with the program! There are all kinds of cancellations and deplatformings that you and I would be absolutely powerless to stop, powerless if it weren’t for people like Elon Musk who are actively building a parallel economy designed to crush these tyrannical efforts!

And it’s working, the blowback against this is very, very real! And the hilarious part is that Davos is doubling down on this nonsense that Elon is calling out; they actually published a piece on their site defending the ESG in the midst of the enormous and rightful pushback against its obvious politicization and weaponization! But that pushback has been enough to at least in some sense get the Davos crowd to rethink their messaging. Jack Posobiec made an interesting observation: he noted that there’s been virtually no reference to their ‘Great Reset’ framing this year, at this year’s Davos, and it’s not because they’ve abandoned the agenda, it’s because they’ve received so much blowback! And this year in particular, given that Europe is in a cost-of-living crisis, images of the glamorous Swiss resort and delegates quaffing champagne are not a good look. It’s an optics disaster quite frankly, and it explains why so many world leaders have opted not to attend Davos this year. So the good news is more and more of the world is onto these guys; even the New York Times is realizing that the world is changing; changing in a way that’s leaving these Dolts in Davos far, far behind! And those sentiments of the WEF’s days coming to an end could be no better expressed than by what we heard from the one and only Elon Musk!