We’ve got Elon Musk vs Klaus Schwab at the World Government Forum, two men with two very different visions for the future! You’re not going to want to miss this!

-Elon Musk taking on Klaus Schwab on AI

-These visions cut to the heart of the goal of globalism!

-Will patriots resist the oncoming AI globalization?

Last week, both Elon Musk and World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab spoke at what’s called the World Government Summit in Dubai, an organization that has been meeting since 2013, and brings together leaders and experts in various fields to discuss global challenges and propose solutions for shaping the future of government and the world. Of interest was how both Musk and Schwab had very different, competing ideas about how best to utilize the coming Artificial Intelligence revolution that promises to define the 21st century much the way electricity defined the 20th! We are, whether we like it or not, living in an age of artificial intelligence. In many respects, theorists and inventors are arguing that AI is the new electricity; in a manner comparable to the ways in which all our devices got electrified, literally all our devices, we even have electric toothbrushes for heaven’s sake; just like I can take any device and plug it in and electrify it as it were, so now we’re going through a process where we can plug in any device and it can be cognified into a kind of artificial intelligence. What we all too often forget is that we already have lots of AI all around us.

When we travel on an airplane we’re flying on what is basically a mass computer; apart from the few minutes involved in the take-off and landing, the flight is basically taken over by artificially cognified processes. Many of us use Siri, or Google Now, or Cortana as personal assistants to help find a particular restaurant or remind us to call someone or simply get information on virtually any subject imaginable within mere seconds. That now has reached new heights with ChatGPT which can actually assemble research on any given topic! Smart cars with automatic break sensors are becoming more and more prevalent. Fraud detection in our computer firewalls are all run by AI technologies. Online customer support increasingly involves actually talking to a robot who responds to our answers and commands. Big Tech algorithms are largely functions of AI. From security devices, to smart phones, from bank withdrawals to everyday appliances, we are more and more surrounded by the technologies of artificial intelligence. But where things get really interesting is the extent to which we become merged with artificial intelligence. We are already doing cyborgs, the intermingling of biology and technology; we do have bionic technology that uses implants directly inserted into the human body, like cochlear implants and bone-anchored prosthetics; and more basically, Elon Musk has argued that our smart phones and computers are in many respects extensions of ourselves as this point. So whether formally or informally, we are augmenting humans and human capacity, and then the question that arises is: where do we draw the line with that? And this is where the two visions offered by Musk and Schwab seemed to most diverge from one another!

For Musk, it’s absolutely crucial that the risks of AI for human civilization, and again, that’s the key, HUMAN civilization, must be fully appreciated as we begin to utilize it:

The key here for regulating AI safety, as I understand it, is that while AI can help and enrich humanity, it can also replace it, and therein lies the problem! There’s a comparable ethical concern in the use of steroids in sports; when Steroids are used for supplementing the healing process, that is considered ethically permissible, because it’s there to help us realize our potential that has been inadvertently impaired. This is where you have things like AI prosthetics and cochlear ear plants; BUT if steroids are being used to overcome impediments that are natural to the human condition, they’re considered to be illegitimately performance enhancing. Again, the line seems to be one of maintaining the nature of what it means to be human; to cross that line, to go beyond reparative or supplemental roles and instead begin to push limits that exceed our humanity, THAT is where we begin dealing with the devil here! And speaking of, that’s exactly what Klaus Schwab seemed to be advocating:

Those who master these technologies are the ones who will master the world! You can’t make this guy up! The concern that surrounds the WEF, especially in light of comments like that, is that the WEF is inordinately concerned with what is technically known as ‘life chances.’ Life chances refers to the various ways in which individuals can seek to better their lives, and the problem with the WEF is that because of their radical environmentalism, where they see humanity as basically a pathogen to the planet, they believe that the behavior of humanity has to be radically regulated and engineered by a cooperation of Big Business and Big Government. This is the key to the WEF: at no WEF meeting, will ever hear the notion that corporations are at fault for hurting the planet; corporations are not at fault, governments are not at fault; who’s at fault? We are! We collectively make choices in our day-to-day lives that hurt the planet, eventually to a point of no return! And so our choices have to be regulated or else we’ll all supposedly suffer! And so it’s essential that the WEF figure out how to control our life chances! The problem with life-chance control is that it’s a key characteristic of totalitarian regimes! The control and manipulation of where people can live, how much money they can have, whether they can access bank accounts, where and for whom they can work, whether they can be promoted, SOUND FAMILIAR? The control of all of that is the key characteristic of totalitarian societies! And that’s what makes Schwab’s comments about total control and mastering the world so pernicious!

So there you have it; two very different visions of AI; note it’s not as simple as will we master it or will it master us, precisely because there are those in the world who want to master it precisely in order to master the world; which of course means, to master us! This is the devil’s bargain before us; will we have leaders who represent us or who rule us? Artificial intelligence has just made that question all the more real!