DUMB and DUMBER Billboard Goes Viral as Another Dem SWITCHES to GOP!!!

A billboard in what’s believed to be Richland County Wisconsin is turning heads of late, and not just on the highway! It’s a billboard that depicts Cackles Kamala and Sleepy Joe as Dumb and Dumber, of course from the hit movie. Pictures of the billboard have gone viral on Twitter, and it’s but the latest in a whole series of humiliations that have befallen the current regime in the White House. The mainstream media is doing everything it can to try to get the Democrats to pivot in some way, to try to find another issue that can distract voters. Maybe they can help plot another January 6th, you know, anything to get people to stop looking at inflation and the southern border and Biden’s cognitive degeneration and unemployment and mass crime surges and on and on! Unfortunately for the Democrats and their pathetic cheerleaders in the mainstream media, it’s not happening!

Look at this from the ultra-leftists over at Salon.com: the Democrats are facing nothing less than what this leftist author calls an ‘electoral Armageddon’! Look at this from Politico: The Democrat brand is broken! And the infrastructure bill isn’t fixing it! Now that’s interesting, because that’s all we heard from the mainstream media! All we heard when this stupid trillion dollar spending spree was being debated was that the Democrats needed to get this bill passed, and all of sudden American voters were going to flock over to the Democrats because finally the adults are in charge! Finally, we have sane fiscal policy in our nation! The mainstream media really believed that! And they would prop it up with these bogus polls that showed supposedly overwhelming support for the infrastructure bill, and all this nonsense, and what do you know: the media’s bluff is being called; Bumblin’ Biden and the Dems are even more unpopular than before the bill was passed! You now have Democrats strategists out there saying: ‘It’s all too late! We are effed! Whatever the Democrats and their apologists in the media come up with, it’s all too little too late! We’re effed! We are facing electoral Armageddon in the midterms, and there’s nothing we can do about it!’

We can see this overwhelming defeatism take over the Democrats by virtue of the fact that either they’re resigning or they’re switching parties! We’re seeing record numbers of retirements and resignations on the one hand, and we’re seeing more and more Democrats jump ship and join the Republicans on the other! This is how you have to understand what’s going on with Kamala! Kamala is a symbol of a crashing democrat Party! After her senior adviser Symone Sanders has announced her resignation last week, reports came out that a number of key members in Harris’ administration are looking for the exits; they’re out of there!

Politico is reporting that we’re going to see all kinds of rats, that is, DemoRATS jumping ship over the next month or so; and we’re learning, at least in part, why that is; it’s being widely reported that Kamala Harris is a horrible person; there’s just no other way of putting it! Harris is a horrible person, she’s a bully and she has what they’re calling a ‘soul-destroying’ management style that’s causing her staffers to flee in record numbers! It gets even worse: they’re now reporting that staffers don’t want to be stigmatized as a quote ‘Harris person’!

The mainstream media is openly stating that Kamala Harris is not just a bully, and not just soul-destroying. Her staff is being stigmatized by others in Washington who want nothing to do with them or with Kamala! Make no mistake: this isn’t mere honest journalism! These aren’t a bunch of leftwing activists who finally found some semblance of a soul here! No, we have to ask why so many journalists are turning on Kamala right now; and it seems to me the obvious reason is they want her gone! They’re quickly recognizing that she’s totally unelectable; a dog catcher could win over Kamala, and they know Joe’s not going to be around; his cognitive decline is only getting worse; so the media is trying to open up the field to someone like Pete Buttigieg, or Corey Booker or Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobachar someone who could at least maintain some semblance of a liberal standard even if the Democrats get pummeled in the midterms and in the 2024 presidential election. Kamala Harris is emphatically not that person; and so the media is doing everything they can to savage her to basically get rid of her! And can’t think of any other reason for such viscous press coverage of a mainstream media that has admitted, they have openly admitted, that they are now activist advocates for Democrats!

So you’ve got the resignations going on surrounding Kamala, and again, it gets even worse, Democrat after Democrat are announcing their retirements! Even CNN is recognizing that this is becoming a huge issue for the Democrats; it’s obviously an open admission that they’re going to get crushed in the midterms, they don’t want to be in the minority again for the next several years; and the more DemoRATS that jump ship, ironically, the more retirements we can expect; cowardice is contagious; and more and more Democrats are going to think it utterly futile to hang around when everyone else is getting out! But, and here’s what makes this so much fun, it gets even worse! And that’s because Democrats are also starting to flip, they’re defecting and joining the Republicans!

 Another Democrat is switching parties in the news! And this is none other than the former spokesman for the DC mayor. Washington DC is the single most Democrat city on the planet! They vote over 90 percent for the Democrat candidate! The crackhead Marion Barry was mayor there for like 16 years! He was re-elected in 1994 after getting arrested for smoking crack! That about sums up Washington DC! But this fellow here is now one of us. Victor Jimenez, again a former spokesman for the Democrat DC Mayor, has officially left the Democrat Party and switched to the GOP! Jimenez told Tucker Carlsen that the reason he switched parties is simply because everything going on in the country points to the crumbling democrat party. He brought up countless examples, from immigration to a failing economy, for why it is clear to him that the Biden administration and the democratic party is falling apart. He suddenly realized that Democrat policies destroy civilization; Democrat policies destroy civilization! Open borders, record inflation, critical race theory, mass unemployment, skyrocketing crime, defunding the police, these are all deliberate Democrat policies and they are all destroying human civilization! And so Victor is but the latest Democrat to switch parties, and with the way things are going, he will hardly be the last!