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“Turley’s book is a ray of hope for supporters of traditional marriage. Taking the long view, he explains how natural marriage will ultimately prevail over its redefinition, as those who believe in God’s design for the family – father, mother and children – actually practice it. This will produce an exponential demographic surge destined to overwhelm faux marriage and its sexual unions founded on sterile pleasure. Turley also puts the lie to the myth of religious neutrality in the public square, showing his readers that the impulse to privatize faith means a de facto imposition of state-sanctioned secular materialism. With his succinct insight into the underlying problems which have brought us to this crisis point on marriage and his vision for a pro-marriage future, A Match Made in Heaven is a must read for all concerned citizens of faith.”

Andrew Beckwith
President, Massachusetts Family Institute

“There is no cultural issue more pressing in our day than the topic of traditional marriage and homosexuality. Steve Turley has given a historical and Scriptural background to these questions, and seeks to provide us with a moral plumb line to know how to act and communicate in a moral and compassionate way. ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ is an important resource in the ongoing conversation about sexuality in the 21st century.”

Israel Wayne
Author, speaker, and radio show host.

“We are living in a time of redefinitions. Everywhere one looks, it appears that the world around us is being reshaped into the image of a secular elite. Nowhere are these redefinitions more evident than in our conceptions of marriage, gender, and the family. In order to speak truth in the midst of such confusion, we in the church must recover a clear sense of the biblical vision of Christian marriage. In A Match Made in Heaven, Dr. Turley answers this need. He delineates the specifics of a distinctively Christian vision of marriage, gender, and the family, so that Christians can be equipped with eternal definitions that make a stand for the beautiful life-giving design that is unrivaled in the benefits to society when done well.”

Nicole Theis
President, Delaware Family Policy Council