Doug Wilson Discusses Media Hate of Speaker Johnson!

Ironically with the Advent of woke insanity and our Elites not knowing what a woman is, more people are realizing that it’s secular liberals who are the real fundamentalist extremists. Joining Dr. Steve to discuss the nature of the media’s disdain for Speaker Johnson is Pastor, Author, and Slayer of all things secular Doug Wilson.

– MSNBC and other left-wing outlets criticize Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, labeling him a “religious fundamentalist” and “Christian extremist.”

– The debate over the term “Christian nationalist” intensifies among conservative Christians, particularly those opposing abortion and the sexual revolution.

– The decline in moral capital is attributed to the spending of accumulated moral values in Western civilization, leading to societal challenges.

The Legacy Media doesn’t appear to be much of a fan of our new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. MSNBC’s Jen Psaki excoriated Johnson for being ‘a religious fundamentalist and Christian extremist.’ While another leftwing Outlet claimed that Mike Johnson is ‘the most dangerous Christian nationalist leader in the country.’

This affects the debate between conservative Christians, some of whom do not want to be called Christian nationalists, and others embrace it. This is also complicated because no matter what a Christian says or does if they are opposed to abortion and the sexual revolution then they are a ‘Christian nationalist.’

Doug Wilson says that secularism is not merely wrong, it is ultimately wicked. He argues that one is backhanding every victim in the history of the world if they say that the universe and the cosmos do not care and there is no God. Francis Schaefer taught us that if there is no God above the state, then the state is God. If there is no absolute above the state, the state is absolute and that lands you in Georgia Orwell territory. Human civilization started with the Divine, whether it’s ancient Greeks, Christians, or the ancient Chinese, all of these civilizations started with the Divine, sacred, absolute, true, good, and Beautiful.

We have completely inverted Society so that the technocrats are now on top and they are trying to engineer everything in human life and they claim in principle that they answer to no one. There is no way a life of faith, family, and freedom could flourish in such an inverted social order. They do not even know what a woman is anymore but they are claiming to know what a Christian nationalist is.

We have a new kind of religious fundamentalism being forced from the top down in the form of wokeness. It is being enforced not by a clerical class today, but by a clerisy class of pseudo intellectuals. Anyone who dissents or stands up against this woke fundamentalism is declared a heretic. Heretics by definition have to be excommunicated, which we see through cancel culture today. Even some University Scholars are recognizing that today’s secularism has all the Hallmarks of a warped sort of religious fundamentalism. This is not neutral territory, this is a real kind of warped metaphysic.

In 2017, NPR had a very interesting article describing how Turkey made teaching evolution illegal in their K to 12 schools. They are required to teach intelligent design and NPR almost had a stroke over this having to report on this. This is all part of rejecting secularism as we are going more into a post-secular world.

Talk of the rise of Christian nationalism is once again front and center. We have gotten to the point where everything is demented and crazy because we have no moral Capital. The reason things were right side up for so long was because of Christendom. There was an enormous amount of moral Capital that was accumulating in Western civilization as a result of our shared confession of Christ. We have started to spend it, and then we are astonished when it looks like we might run out.

The good news is that Americans are beginning to wonder how we got to this place as it was not previously this way. Demographers like Eric Kaufman over at the University of London are arguing that conservative Christians are outbreeding secular liberals like never before with a possibility of hitting a majority in 2030. We are seeing trends toward increasing conservatism nationwide, but also globally.

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