Now the observant conservative is well aware of the left wing bias of the uniquitous free online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia is a remarkable service that, despite its censorious nature, still provides the average internet user with an incomprehensibly large amount of general knowledge. Such a tool in the hands of those dedicated to truth would become an institution feared by those who seek to undermine truth itself. Unfortunately, however, Wikipedia is not in such hands. You have likely seen the pleading ads at the top of Wikipedia articles that make it seem like the basic text article website is at risk of going down without the support of readers like you. This, of course, could not be further from the truth.

Wikipedia is administered by a San Francisco based non-profit organization called the Wikimedia Foundation. With over 400 employees they have exploded in size recently and their spending has grown even more rapidly going from $10 million in 2012 to $112 million in 2020. The Wikipedia website has remained functionally the same since its inception. Server hosting costs have actually gone down since the early 2010’s. Wikipedia itself used to operate perfectly fine with a volunteer team on a shoestring budget. So if we are seeing over a hundred million dollar spending increase over ten years, yet see zero functionality changes in conjunction with lower costs of operation one must ask: where is the money going? Well this is what the pleas for support are actually for.

The Wikimedia Foundation is an openly far left non-profit that seeks to explicitly shift society away from and I quote, “Eurocentricity, White-male imperialist patriarchal supremacy, superiotiy, power and privilege to create an environment that is inclusive and reflects the experiences of communities of color worldwide.” I apologize for subjecting you to such inane word salad but this makes it abundantly clear that Wikimedia is nothing more than a radically left wing anti-truth, anti-white, anti-American organization. This is directly reflected in the organizations they give out most of their millions to. They give to the SeRCH Foundation which pays black women to pursue the “Intersectional Scientific Method” that removes all elements of truth and objectivity from science. Despite getting effectively no views on their YouTube channel, and one of their grant recipients immediately killing dozens of baby octopi in an attempted “experiment” this organization still receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wikimedia.

Another major recipient of Wikimedia cash is Borealis Philanthropy. This group funds “Racial Equity in Journalism” and effectively works to fill newsrooms with woke activists who will perpetuate far left narratives to a mass audience. There are many more fishy orgs operating on Wikimedia bucks but one other thing about these donations is interesting. Wikipedia regularly asks for donations over a limited period of time. Some would say this is just marketing to create the illusion of urgency but other theories have arisen that these time based donations go directly towards protest movements, destabilization, and other nefarious operations against the enemies of woke globalist agenda abroad. So if you were not already in the know, now you are: DON’T DONATE TO WIKIPEDIA!