DNA FOUND IN COVID SHOTS! A Doctor’s Testimony Reveals the Truth!

Dr. Phillip Buckhaults (Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) recently shared his findings on DNA in the COVID ‘vaccine’ and the effects DNA has on a human body when injected in the way it has been from the COVID shot.

He explained in his testimony that he has sequenced the DNA in his lab and he has seen what is in the DNA. He states that he is alarmed by both the possible effects that DNA injections will have on the people who took this shot and the regulatory concerns of how DNA was able to get into these shots in the first place.

He agrees that it is hard to say what causes deaths shortly after the ‘vaccine’ was taken as some deaths could be attributed to COVID itself, but he stated that the harm from DNA is also a possible cause. He argues that the DNA in these shots ‘can and likely will integrate into the genomic DNA of cells that got transfected with the vaccine mix.’ He explains that this is how DNA science works and that the DNA will remain with the person’s DNA. He analyzed that this introduction of DNA into the cells can cause autoimmune disorders and cancer because of the science of molecular biology.

He thinks that instances of these severe effects may be rare but also common enough that a serious investigation is necessary. He describes that the central dogma of molecular biology is that DNA transcribes into RNA and then RNA gets translated into proteins. He explains that DNA is a long-lived information storage device and is passed on to children and future generations. Alterations to DNA stick around, but RNA features are not permanent which was a major selling point of the vaccine. Once proteins are made they also do not last long. Things that enter into DNA can last for a long time and potentially a lifetime.

He described that he analyzed the DNA pieces to determine the source of what the pieces came from. He analyzed that there was no plasmid DNA used in the trial emergency authorized shots. However, the cheaper way to make this shot included making batches that included DNA which was then done. He brings up the regulatory concerns of this decision. He said that there are 200 billion pieces of DNA in each dose of the shot. He describes that ‘it is encapsulated in this lipid nanoparticle so it is ready to be delivered inside the cell.’ He goes on to argue that, ‘This is a bad idea.’

He concludes that we should check a lot of vaccinated people, both harmed and unharmed. We should check people’s tissue samples to see if the plasmid DNA is integrating into the genomes of their stem cells. He argues that authorities must force Pfizer to get the DNA out of the booster and any future shots. He believes that the financial incentives are too great and Pfizer will need ‘encouragement’ to remove the DNA from the vaccine.

There was a very wide range of results from tested batches studied. They ranged from significantly under the regulatory limits to significantly over them. He argued that naked DNA being in a vaccine is not concerning because it does not cause harm, but DNA in carriers that we are seeing of the COVID ‘vaccine’ is different and can be very harmful. Hopefully, the South Carolina Senate who heard this testimony from Dr. Buckhaults will listen to his recommendations to both study patients who have received the COVID ‘vaccine’ and stop the production of future vaccines that include DNA.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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