Developments in Kari Lake’s Case in AZ are Victories for Election Integrity!

Kari Lake just scored a HUGE victory in Arizona’s Supreme Court and the legacy media is fuming. We are going to see how Kari scored not one but actually two legal victories over the weekend, and we’re going to see how the lying legacy media got caught red-handed in trying to push their pathetic fake news as a result.

– The Arizona Supreme Court has ordered a lower court to proceed with a hearing on Kari Lake’s signature verification violation charges.

– Lake’s legal team has eyewitnesses testifying against Maricopa County election officials

– The legacy media is LYING about the court’s decision

On Thursday, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled solidly in favor of Kari Lake’s legal team, ordering a lower court to immediately proceed with a hearing on Kari Lake’s signature verification violation charges from the gubernatorial election back in November of last year. This a follow-up order from the Court in response to their earlier decision that originally ordered a lower court to give Kari a hearing on the evidence she has for signature verification violations in Maricopa County. In March, the Court overruled a dismissal by a lower Maricopa County court that denied Kari Lake’s team a factual review of the signature verification process.

The Supreme Court ruled that the lower trial court erroneously dismissed Kari Lake’s claim challenging what they charged were faulty and frankly absent signature verification procedures on early ballots, and this was key because Kari Lake’s team has eyewitnesses who are testifying that Maricopa County election officials permitted the counting of tens of thousands of mail-in and dropbox ballots that did not satisfy signature verification requirements, including allowing “tens of thousands of ballots with signature mismatches.” Lake’s legal team cited Arizona law requiring signatures on early ballot envelopes to be checked against the signature already in a voter’s file. This is part of the chain of custody procedure. It also allows for a process known as curing the ballot. If the signature doesn’t match, poll workers can follow up with the voter to see what’s going on.

Lake claimed that the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office accepted many ballots with unmatched signatures and did not either cure the ballots or reject them as required by Arizona law. This lower court was waiting for the Supreme Court to make a decision regarding Katie Hobbs’ team wanting to impose sanctions on Kari Lake’s legal team. This court was hoping that the Arizona Supreme Court was going to sanction Kari Lake’s team for bringing a frivolous lawsuit that had no evidence so this lower court wouldn’t have to take Kari Lake’s case seriously.

That did not happen. It was quite the opposite. The Arizona Supreme Court ordered this lower court to expedite this process and immediately proceed with a hearing on Kari Lake’s signature verification challenge. This was a huge win for Kari Lake. Her case just got expedited and all attempts by the courts to stonewall this have just been shattered by the Supreme Court.

Kari’s victory was so good that the legacy media has been reduced to blatantly lying about what happened. The legacy media decided to ignore Kari Lake’s huge win and instead pushed a fraudulent headline that Kari Lake’s lawyers were sanctioned by the court for claiming election fraud without evidence. According to NBC news, ‘The Arizona Supreme Court on Thursday sanctioned attorneys for Kari Lake, the 2022 Republican candidate for governor, ordering them to pay thousands of dollars for repeating “unequivocally false” election claims in court. Chief Justice Robert Brutinel fined Lake’s attorneys $2,000 for making “false factual statements to the Court.” The problem with that assessment, as the lawyer Robert Barnes argued, is that it never happened!

The court ordered Kari Lake’s team to pay a $2,000 court fee for what the Supreme Court considered the misuse of her lawyer’s term ‘undisputed’ as part of their arguments. The Court fined Kari Lake’s team for the procedural misuse of a term in their presentation. The court did not render any judgment whatsoever on the evidentiary claims made by Lake’s team, or its legal basis. The court rejected all calls by Katie Hobbs’ legal team to sanction Kari Lake’s lawyers for filing a frivolous lawsuit. This notion that they were pushing a case with no evidence is itself without evidence. It is the epitome of fake news. Ironically, the fact that the Supreme Court rejected Katie Hobbs’ attempt at sanctioning Kari Lake is yet another win.

Kari Lake won by getting her case expedited, and she won by getting the sanctions thrown out. Once again, we are seeing the legacy media pushing narrative rather than news. Hopefully, we can finally get to the bottom of what happened in Maricopa County. Maybe the days of Katie Hobbs are coming to an end!

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