DESPERATE Scheme against Trump Backfires!

Damon Imani provided a parody of what we would all love to say to the corrupt media propaganda complex that projects onto Trump the very fascist tactics they employ daily. We are going to see how their latest authoritarian scheme has just blown up.

– A Michigan judge dismisses attempts to keep Trump off the state’s ballot, ruling it unconstitutional and asserting that voters, not judges, will determine the candidates on the ballot.

– Similar efforts in Florida to bar Trump from the ballot under the 14th Amendment are also rejected by a judge, signaling a pattern of legal failures for Democrats.

– The desperation to block Trump from the 2024 ballot stems from his strong performance in recent polls, where he leads against potential opponents, including Biden.

The latest act of Democrat Desperation has officially blown up in their faces. A Michigan Judge has dismissed efforts to keep President Trump off the state’s ballot as indeed unconstitutional and has assured voters that the voters will determine who is on the ballot, not dictatorial judges. This ruling follows a similar ruling several weeks ago in Florida in a similar attempt at keeping Trump off the ballot there.

DeSantis had nothing to say to that, but if he thought that scheme together with his three-inch heels was enough to win the nomination, he was sorely mistaken. The judge in Florida threw out that case as well! Now, if you don’t know what’s going on here; these are all attempts at removing Trump from the 2024 ballot under the supposed guise of the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment bars a person from running for office if they have been involved in an insurrection against the US government.

It was originally passed to keep Confederates and Confederate sympathizers from holding office after the war. Several months ago, a couple of ridiculous, woke ‘legal scholars’ desperately tried to make the tortured argument that President Trump is currently constitutionally barred from running for the presidency. According to them, not according to the Senate who had a trial over this very question or any court or any objective legal standard, Trump is guilty of insurrection.

Court cases are popping up to try to keep Trump off their state’s respective ballots. But one by one, they are all falling. These cases are destined for failure. Woke anti-Trumpers are increasingly being confronted with inevitable constitutional reality. Judges do not determine who is on a ballot. That is not within the purview of a judge’s constitutional authority. A judge can order a new election, or nullify an election, as in the clear case of fraud and cheating, a judge cannot determine who will be on that ballot.

Alan Dershowitz, who is not a Trump supporter, is claiming that this whole 14th Amendment theory is absurd. There is no procedure here. We are just seeing these legal scholars claiming that Trump can’t run again because he is guilty of insurrection. All they do is make the claim, they do not have any process by which Trump can objectively be found guilty of such.

Trump went through a senate trial and was exonerated and acquitted of that charge. But the woke left is so desperate that they are just calling him an insurrectionist and they think that will be enough to bar him from the ballot. Judges have no constitutional authority to decide who gets on a ballot. That prerogative is for voters.

This is all happening because the RCP polling average recently showed Trump crushing all opponents. Trump is beating Biden by nearly 2 points. Trump never had the lead in the aggregate polling at any point in either 2020 or 2016. That is why more pundits are finally recognizing that Trump today is in a better position to win the presidency than he has ever been. He is crushing it in the polls. They are at a loss to explain why Trump is stronger than he’s ever been. Voters overwhelmingly believe that Trump was the better president.

Voters have now had four years of both Biden and Trump, and voters overwhelmingly believe Trump’s four years were better. This headline from CBS News summarizes the state of things now, ‘If Trump wins, more voters foresee better finances and the US staying out of war!’ That is exactly what Trump has been saying. This has been the key message of Trump’s campaign so far.

He encourages people to vote for him because we will then have peace abroad and prosperity at home. If we vote for Biden, we will have war and depression. No amount of gimmicks is going to change the perception that the majority of the nation has as reflected in literally all the polls. We are seeing polls focused on a double-digit swing to Trump since the 2020 election. Voters want him back in office. No amount of desperate Democrat ploys is going to stop that.

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