DeSantis Shill & Florida GOP Chairman Allegedly Sexually Battered Woman With His Wife’s Help

Christian Ziegler, the GOP Chairman of Florida and spouse to Bridget Ziegler, a member of the Sarasota County School Board and co-founder of Moms of Liberty, is currently under criminal investigation following a complaint filed with the Sarasota Police Department. The complaint, submitted on October 4, alleges that the woman was raped by the long-time Republican official on October 2, in her Sarasota home, as detailed in a redacted police report acquired by the Florida Trident.

While the report is heavily redacted, it reveals that the incident took place within the woman’s residence, and among the few unredacted details are the words “rape” and “sexual assault complaint.” Sources close to the investigation suggest that the woman claimed involvement in a consensual three-way sexual relationship with both Zieglers prior to the alleged incident. The incident being investigated occurred when Christian Ziegler and the woman were alone at her house, with Bridget Ziegler absent, according to the sources.

Sources also confirm the execution of a search warrant on Christian Ziegler’s cell phone, with ongoing forensic examinations of the electronic device. Allegations include Ziegler secretly recording the intimate encounters between the couple and the woman.

The Trident requested the police incident report on Sunday, and while the Sarasota City Attorney’s Office acknowledges its existence, they had not provided it as of press time.

As of now, no charges have been filed, and it remains unknown whether the woman’s allegations have been substantiated. Attempts to reach Mr. Ziegler for comment and Bridget Ziegler at her school board office have been unsuccessful.

The Zieglers have become notable figures in Florida’s GOP political scene in recent years. Christian Ziegler, previously vice chairman of the state party, assumed the role of chair in February. Before that, he served as a Sarasota County Commissioner, running on a platform emphasizing “family values.”

Ziegler has been an avid supporter of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, even as he has contested President Donald J. Trump’s bid for the 2024 Presidential nomination. However, the Florida GOP chairman isn’t the only one with close ties to Ron. Bridget Ziegler was endorsed by DeSantis for her school board seat, and she too has maintained close relations with the governor. Bridget is a co-founder of Moms for Liberty and played a role in shaping the Florida Parental Rights In Education Act, widely known as the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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