DeSantis is DROPPING OUT?!

As he struggles to keep up with Vivek Ramaswamy, someone most Americans had never heard of until two months ago, Ron Desantis has the political world abuzz with rumors about how he may choose to withdraw from the 2024 Presidential race. President Trump is LEADING Joe Biden in most polls as of late August 2023 and no other Republicans are able to garner even consistent double digit support against the apparently unstoppable tide of the Don. As the legal persecution against him continues to SURGE him in the polls, Trump posted on Truth Social about a “Roomer” going around that Ron Desanctimonious is dropping out and pivoting to a Senate run against Rick Scott (a former Florida Governor himself):

Now this could easily be Trump throwing another wrench in the Desantis campaign but, and this lends weight to the “roomers” accuracy, does Trump REALLY need to do that? Desantis can’t seem to go out in public without inadvertently creating another meme with his awkwardness and fueling more speculation into his possible latent autism. The meme of Vivek confidently pledging to pardon Trump and end aid to Ukraine with Rod impotently following suit to garner crowd support in the first Republican debate may be what sinks the meatball sub once and for all. That being said a Senate seat could be more winnable for the Governor. Rick Scott, while high ranking in Senate leadership, is very much a MAGA lite candidate. He is basically establishment but knows MAGA is the way of the future so capitulates where his donors allow. He is a mile better than Mitch McConnell but frankly Ron DeSantis in the Senate would likely be a moderate upgrade policy wise. But that does not matter.

DeSantis came after the King of America when the deep state struck with all its might. We see now with Trump’s surging popularity and the iconic virality of the Trump mugshot that we have been given another chance to storm the White House with the popular support of the American people. Now is NOT the time for Trumpism without Trump. A successor will be needed, no doubt, in the next 6-8 years or so but to try to move away from the avatar of the downtrodden American that Trump is asking for total Democrat victory forever. We saw an attempt to return to “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” at the RNC debate recently with all candidates effectively disavowing Trump for his J6 behavior (with the exception of Vivek) and clowns like Nikki Haley and Chris Christie advocating slavish American foreign policy towards Israel and Ukraine respectively. Trump is the ONLY America First candidate.

In Florida DeSantis is popular, but WHY would he think he can change things in the Senate more than he can on the ground in the Sunshine State? Meatball Ron could be leading a coalition of NATIONALIST Governors who expertly wield their state apparatus for the good of their citizens and resist the Biden administration. But instead he wants to play politics and climb the ladder at all cost. Where’s the LOYALTY Ron? Not just to Trump but the American people? I say toss him in the trash!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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