Dems Panic: “Trump is Going to Put us in Jail!”

AOC is freaking out over the prospect of Trump throwing her and Democrat ilk in prison. Both the interviewer and AOC appear so completely self-unaware, not recognizing that it’s BIDEN who’s actively trying to lock up his political opponents!

– AOC and an interviewer expressed growing tension and fear, indicating a significant shift from how the legacy media and liberal leftists talked about Trump a year ago.

– Persistent polling shows Trump beating Biden, leading to admissions that the political landscape is not unfolding as previously expected.

– The likelihood of Trump’s return seems to be increasing, causing justified concern among Democrats.

What you just heard in this interview was an admission that our political ruling elite are terrified over the prospects of a Trump return. What we just heard from AOC and the person interviewing her is a growing tension and fear among our ruling elite that Trump is poised to return to power! This fear is a radical departure from the way the legacy media and the liberal leftists were all talking a year ago.

Trump was completely dismissed as a hopelessly and irredeemably damaged politician, and there was no coming back for him. The admissions started to come in that this is not playing out the way they had thought several months ago. One of the reasons for this is the stubbornly persistent polling that shows Trump beating Biden across the board. The Decision Desk national polling average shows that across the board, Donald Trump leads Joe Biden 41 to 39. Real Clear Politics’ national polling average across the board shows that Trump leads Biden 46 to 45. In a five-way, Trump pulls ahead by 6, 44 to 38. Project 538 also shows in a national polling average that Trump leads Biden 41 to 39.

Polymarkets, which are the betting-odds on who’s going to win 2024, has Trump up over Biden by 22. These polls have been relatively static over the last several months but now are moving more in Trump’s favor. Since May there have been 30 accredited polls taken of battleground states. Trump has led in all but two of them.

Biden’s abysmal approval rating is stuck in the 30s. According to this CBS poll, Trump’s conviction is not moving the needle in any significant way, one way or the other. The dreary economy is killing Biden.

A CBS poll found that 62% of respondents, a supermajority, support the deportation of all illegal migrants. How is Biden going to win when 62% of the population wants what only Trump will give them. According to the latest Rasmussen survey, nearly 60% of voters believe that Biden is experiencing cognitive decline. The same 60% believe the media is attempting to cover for him. The Democrats are definitely justified in being worried about what might happen to them with a Trump return because with each passing day, that return looks more likely.

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