Dems PANIC as Biden FLOPS and Trump SURGES in Polls!!!

Biden has just claimed that Putin is now officially losing the war in Iraq! President Biden is completely mentally gone. Tucker thinks he’s gone and that Gavin Newsom is leading the internal revolt against Biden from within the Democratic Party.

– Recent polls show that Trump is beating Biden by a significant margin!

– Trump’s increasing lead is due to the recent indictments against him, which most people believe are politically motivated.

– Historian Niall Ferguson predicts that Trump will win the 2024 election because he is the frontrunner of the Republican party and the likely upcoming recession.

Democrats are beginning to panic because polls are coming out that are all showing Trump is beating Biden. Even the ultra-leftist New Yorker is admitting that. Trump is poised to crush Biden. All the polls are showing the same thing. The Morning Consult poll is a survey of registered voters, not likely voters, and even then Trump comes out ahead beating Biden 44 to 41. This is the first time that Trump has topped Biden in the history of Morning Consult’s polling.

That’s all part of the trajectory we’ve been seeing recently. There’s no way around this. Trump has been surging and Biden has been imploding ever since the indictments started. Even the ultra-leftist Politico is admitting that the indictments are only serving to strengthen Trump’s support, not weaken it. The overwhelming concern and outrage is over what 80% of the public, according to Trafalgar, perceives as a two-tiered justice system.

This is seen with the most recent federal indictment. All of that was corroborated by the most recent Harvard/Harris poll which found that 55% of the population believes that the federal indictment against President Trump is politically motivated. 56% also believe that this is deliberate interference in the 2024 election by Biden’s justice department. The recent unprecedented plea deal for Hunter Biden is not making things any better for Democrats hoping to hurt Trump in the arena of popular opinion.

According to the same poll, if the election were held today, Trump would crush Biden by 6 points. This is the second poll in a row showing results like this. In May, Harvard/Harris found Trump beating Biden by 7 points. We are seeing two back-to-back polls with almost identical margins of victory, with the second one post arraignment; so clearly Trump isn’t being hurt by any of this and only seems to have been helped.

A brand-new 538 poll from Nate Silverspoon just released today, has Trump beating Biden by 2. McGlaughlin’s latest polling has Trump up by 5. A new Data Premise poll has Trump up by 2, so it’s no surprise that when we go to the aggregate polling, The Real Clear Politics polling aggregate shows that Trump is leading over Biden. This is HUGE, because, as the pollster Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit has pointed out, Trump has NEVER led Biden in the aggregate polling. Biden has always had a huge advantage over Trump in the aggregate.

This is the averaging out of all the polling, so the fact that Trump has taken the lead here after two indictments, you can see why the Democrats are getting so panicky here. According to one historian’s prediction, if they’re not panicked, they better be. The Scottish-American historian Niall Ferguson has come out and predicted that President Trump will most likely win it all in 2024.

The Stanford University professor turned heads in a recent op-ed for The Spectator where he laid out one of the more comprehensive cases for why Trump will win a second term. First, Ferguson recognizes that the indictments aren’t hurting Trump, they’re only helping him. Ferguson argues that all this law-fare and weaponized legalism is ultimately causing Trump’s numbers to go up and his fundraising to skyrocket.

He gives two arguments that have convinced him that Trump is going to win in 2024. First, Ferguson notes that Trump is the leader in an increasingly crowded Republican field. He’s beating DeSantis by an average margin of nearly 30 points, and historically speaking, the early frontrunners generally win the Republican primaries. The early frontrunner has won Republican primaries in the last 6/8 competitive races since 1972 when the modern system of primaries was introduced.

According to Ferguson, the big issue for Biden, more than anything, historically speaking for a sitting president is a recession. Larry Summers, the former treasury secretary, has a pretty good forecasting track record and he saw inflation coming several months before it hit. He is now predicting with a 70% probability that we will be in a major recession within the next year. This is important to note because no Democrat president since FDR, and no president since Calvin Coolidge a century ago has been reelected if a recession has occurred in the two years before the nation votes.

This is why the Biden White House is panicking and the legacy media has thus far refused to mention a recession. They know it’s a death knell for incumbent presidents seeking reelection. Ferguson puts two-and-two together here and says, ‘the lesson of history is clear – the Republican frontrunner usually wins the nomination, and a post-recession incumbent usually loses the presidential election.’ This is why he and so many others see Trump going all the way in 2024!

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