Dems Call On Biden To DROP OUT of 2024!!!

The President of the United States had his mic cut off mid-sentence by his own staff because he’s become so utterly incoherent. More Democrats are openly calling on Biden to drop out of 2024. They are panicking as they are reading these polls.

– Leftist Democrat pundits are increasingly calling for Joe Biden to not seek re-election in 2024 due to his declining popularity and policy challenges.

– Recent polls show Trump performing well against Biden, with leads in several surveys, even in traditionally Democratic-leaning polls.

– The calls for Biden to withdraw from the race are expected to increase as his poll numbers decline, potentially creating internal divisions within the Democratic Party.

It has become rather commonplace for leftwing Democrat pundits to call on Joe Biden to cede the election to another nominee who at least has a chance of winning. Brett Stephens at the New York Times in December 2021 was already openly calling for Biden to announce that he will not seek the nomination in 2024. He wrote a brazen piece that went so far as to openly question Biden’s cognitive health. While Stephens was castigated for suggesting that Biden bow out, such calls among Democrat pundits are becoming more and more routine. The latest comes from Andrew Sullivan, who is openly calling for Biden to bow out.

The first reason Democrats are calling on Biden to drop out are the polls. An overwhelming number of Democrats want someone else to represent them in 2024. This is an actual headline from MSNBC: ‘How not to have a psychic meltdown when you see the new Trump-Biden poll numbers!’ And of course they’re referring to the latest polls such as the Premise Data poll has Trump trouncing Biden by 6. The latest Echelon poll, a poll that Trump has never led before, has Trump up by 1, 46 to 45. The latest McLaughlin poll has Trump beating Biden by 4, 47 to 43. In the battleground states, Trump is crushing Biden 49 to 41.

The latest YouGov poll has Trump beating Biden by 1, 44 to 43. The last YouGov poll before the 2020 election had Biden winning by 10. The latest Emerson poll has Trump up by 2, 46 to 44, and he’s up by 5 if Cornel West, the Green Party candidate, is factored in. Trump has never led in an Emerson poll. Emerson had Biden winning by 5 the day before the 2020 election. The Schoen/Cooperman poll, a Democrat poll, has Trump up by one, 45 to 44. More Democrats are openly recognizing that were the election held today, Trump would crush Biden. It would be an electoral landslide.

Another major reason why Democrat pundits are calling on Biden to drop out of the race is because of his policies. ‘Bidenomics’ is not working, and even Democrats are admitting that. The polls are bearing this out. They are showing that now young voters are abandoning Biden and swinging to Trump in droves. Voters under 30 voted for Biden overwhelmingly in 2020, 60 to 36, but the latest polling shows that that lead now has dwindled to 53 to 42, which represents a 13 point swing towards Trump. They are all pointing to the sluggish economy.

Nearly 60% of voters under 30 think the economy is getting worse, and this is killing Biden. Young voters already think we are in a recession, and that’s bad news for any incumbent. Historically, no incumbent has won re-election if a recession occurs anytime in the last two years of his term in office. Young voters are abandoning Biden and swinging to Trump, and a Democrat can’t win fairly with the margins so small among their key constituents. These calls to remove Biden are going to grow louder as the polls continue to implode for Biden along with the hopes of Democrats.

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