Democrats PANIC as Trump Surges!

A recent CNN panel is panicking! They are panicking over Biden’s political implosion and Trump’s national surge. We are going to look at precisely why Trump is surging, and why Biden is collapsing, and we’re going to see why things are only going to get worse for Democrats.

– Recent polls indicate a significant backlash against Democrats, comparable to the Reagan-Mondale election in 1984.

– Biden is losing support among independents, with nearly 7 in 10 independents not planning to vote for him.

– With Trump’s rising popularity and Biden’s declining polls, the panic and desperation among the ruling establishment are expected to grow.

Almost all the polls are showing a massive backlash the likes of which we haven’t seen perhaps since Reagan-Mondale. The 1984 election shocked the New York Times. They thought Mondale was going to win. They officially endorsed Mondale, and word on the street was that every person inside the New York Times thought Mondale was going to win in a blowout because they didn’t know anyone personally who was going to vote for Reagan.

Something like that seems to be happening here. The Democrats and their mouthpieces in the legacy media are waking up from their self-inflicted ideological comas only to find a nation that increasingly wants nothing to do with them. Democrats are looking at these polls, and they are absolutely beside themselves. They have no idea what more they can do to try to bring Trump down and Biden up.

The New York Times poll showed that if the election were held today, Donald Trump would win over 300 electoral votes. He is running away with it in the battleground states. He’s +10 in Nevada, +6 in Georgia, +5 in Michigan, +5 in Arizona, and +4 in Pennsylvania. This is the poll that has the Democrat establishment panicked.

As Democrats look for at least some glimmer of hope out there, they keep running into polls like this. The new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll has Trump leading Biden in the swing states by an average of 4 points. The latest CBS poll shows Trump beating Biden 51 to 48. Trump is winning the popular vote in these polls. It is not just the battleground states. Trump is winning the popular vote. Independents have abandoned Biden. Nearly 7 in 10 independents have said that they are not voting for him. His approval rating among independents has fallen to the low 30s.

This is why David Axelrod, Obama’s former adviser, came out and said that Biden needs to drop out. They have to cut their losses and find someone else, or 2024 is going to be a Republican blowout. The problem here is that the problems facing the Democrat Party are far deeper than what can be resolved by just changing the candidate. For the Democrats, their ultimate problem is Trump.

headline from CBS News says, ‘If Trump wins, more voters foresee better finances and the US staying out of war!’ This is exactly what Trump has been saying. Trump is reinforcing that we will have peace abroad and prosperity at home. He is also saying that if we vote for Biden, we will only have war and depression.

This was Trump’s message to the striking Michigan auto workers. It doesn’t matter what contract they negotiate, the workers will not have a job in two years. Joe is bought and paid for. He encouraged them to vote for him and they will be employed and you’ll be rich. We will have peace abroad and prosperity at home. This is the strength of Trump being what Dick Morris refers to as a hybrid candidate. Trump is both incumbent and candidate, or as Rich Baris puts it, he’s both incumbent and insurgent.

Trump has a proven record that he can appeal to which is better than Biden’s. He is also new. He is an insurgent who can change the policies that are in place now by the disastrous Biden administration. Everywhere Trump goes, he can point to many successes as a proven record for getting our nation back on track. This is the advantage he has as a hybrid candidate. No other GOP candidate has this advantage.

There is a strong perception that the establishment fears him and is deliberately weaponizing our legal system to get rid of him. 8 in 10 voters are already concerned that we live in an unfair two-tiered justice system. The dynamics of hybridity and sympathy have made Trump a formidable candidate. With Trump surging and Biden continuing to fade in the polls, we can expect the panic and the desperation among our ruling establishment is only going to get worse.

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