Democrats’ Mail-In Ballots Scheme BACKFIRING as Trump SURGING in the POLLS!!!

I’ll just say it: the left is self-destructing; they’re becoming unglued.

Don’t let their veneer of 2016-styled confidence fool you; if you look past their bellicose prognostications on the inevitability of a Biden victory in a few weeks, you’ll see that the liberal left is unravelling. In fact, the New York Times, the mecca of far-left journalism, is so desperate to stop Trump’s massive momentum that they’re actually attempting to resurrect the whole tax issue …. from 2016! That alone should tell you how bad it is for the left right now!

Simply put, it’s becoming more and more clear that the media-driven campaign on behalf of Joe Biden hiding in his basement isn’t working. It’s beginning to implode, and we’re seeing signs of this unravelling everywhere!

I’m very appreciative of the analyst Larry Schweikart for putting together several trends working in Trump’s favor. For example, Schweikart rightly points out two fundamental reasons why we shouldn’t fear mail-in ballots: first, we’re catching the fraud! The fact that we’re worried about all the fraudulent mail-in ballots that are being discovered should actually have the counter-intuitive effect of calming our nerves, since we are actually discovering them! Like what we recently saw in Texas where Democrats are being charged in a vote-harvesting scheme from 2018, mail-in voter fraud is not only easy to commit, it’s also very easy to find and to prove! Secondly, we never dreamed we were going into the election with a 6 to 3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court (yes, John Roberts, as Chief Justice, will vote with the new conservative majority!), which promises to protect the integrity of law and order rather than completely undermine it, and undermining to painfully on display in Democrat-ruined cities over the last few months. So, while there will most certainly be fraud, it’s going to be negligible with regard to the final result, with a conservative Supreme Court ultimately enforcing the integrity of the electoral process.

And speaking of those mail-in ballots: while in-person voting is virtually 100 percent counted, mail-in ballots have a disproportionate rejection rate. In other words, the Democrats reliance on vote-by-mail is turning out to be a radically flawed reliance on a form of voting where sizeable portions of votes are tossed! But even with that said, Democrats are way behind their 2016 numbers for early voting in places like North Carolina; they’re behind 20 percent while the Republicans are up 2 percent. The Democrats’ early vote lead in Florida is shrinking daily, and if they don’t come out of Florida with a massive lead of about 300,000 early votes, Trump will most likely win the state by a quarter of a million votes!

In fact, things are so bad with mail-in voting that the ultra-left website Axios is noting that Democrat operatives are beginning to panic; they’re actually trying to pivot back to getting their voter-base to come out on November 3rd for in-person voting! When all is said and done, vote-by-mail simply isn’t working out the way they had planned, and so now they’re shifting their strategy to election day in a desperate attempt to make up the difference in the lag of mail-in votes! But it may be too little too late; Democrats have scared their senior citizen voters into hiding with the whole Covid-panic; they’ve closed down churches and other common polling places. So there’s not a lot for them to fall back on.

And then you have voter registration trends; registration trends in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada are through the roof for Republicans! Things are so bad for the Democrats that they may only end up with about a 150,000-vote lead in Florida on the day of the November 3rd election. Just to put that in perspective, Democrats had almost a million-vote lead in 2012, the last time they won the state!

And things get even worse when it comes to the polls! Trump is significantly outperforming among Latinos and Blacks in comparison to 2016. In Florida, a recent NBC/Marist poll showed President Trump with 50 percent of the Latino vote to Biden’s 46 percent. By comparison, in 2016, Clinton won 62 percent of Latinos compared to 35 percent for Trump. Trump is also outperforming 2016 with black Floridians. The same poll shows him with 11 percent support compared to 8 percent in the last election. We’re seeing similar numbers in Nevada. American Greatness reported on a poll of 750 likely voters conducted by Pulse Opinion found Biden leading Trump by just a single point (49 percent to 48 percent). As in Florida, Trump is running strong with Hispanics, getting 47 percent support to Biden’s 49 percent. And what’s so interesting here is that, according to pollster Scott Rasmussen, Nevada, which has been trending reliably blue, really shouldn’t be in play; but it may very well go for Trump!

Moreover, one doesn’t have to look too far to see the radical enthusiasm discrepancy between Trump and Biden. Trump has had a quarter of a million people attend his rallies since Labor Day, while during the same time, Biden has seen just 84 show up! From the vantage point of voter enthusiasm, this isn’t even a race! I was at the Harrisburg rally over the weekend and saw the overwhelming enthusiasm with my own eyes! There are no words to describe it!

And in addition to all of this, data from actual elections is trending entirely in Trump’s favor. For example, Helmut Norpoth’s Primary Model has predicted rightly 25 of the last 27 presidential elections; that’s a track record going back all the way to 1912, when presidential candidates had to first win primaries. Norpoth has noted that we’ve never had a president running for reelection, who ran unopposed in the primaries (like Trump), go on to lose reelection! It’s simply never happened before! Here’s another fun fact: we’ve never had a candidate place fifth in New Hampshire, like Joe Biden did, and then go on to win the presidency! Here’s one more: we’ve never had a third-timer (someone running for president for the third time, as is Biden) go on to win the general election! So when we look at actual elections, how people have actually voted in the past, not simply opinion polls which are notoriously unreliable when it comes to today’s electorate, Trump has everything working in his favor and Biden has everything working against him! That’s why the primary model gives Trump a 91 percent chance at being reelected, and with over 360 electoral votes to boot!

So, all the trends are moving in Trump’s direction, all while the whole mail-in-voting scheme is beginning to blow up in the Democrats’ face. Not a bad way to start the debates!