Democrats Are SPLITTING over Israel and Hamas!

This was the scene last night at the Democrat National Headquarters in DC:

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators’ protests against the Democrat Party’s leadership and their unwavering support of Israel turned violent, requiring police to evacuate the area around the headquarters of the DNC. The number of protestors was estimated to be around 200, but they were enough to injure at least six police officers in the riotous chaos.

– The left is splitting over the Israel-Hamas conflict as many Jews and Arabs disagree with the left’s perspectives on the issue.

– American Jews conflict with the part of the Democrat party that supports Hamas.

– Arab Americans’ support of Biden has plummeted in light of his support of Israel.

Top house democrats such as House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries were in the building during this protest. They had to be escorted out as well. This is the latest incident in the civil war that has broken out within the Democrat Party over the Israeli-Hamas war. Recently in New York City, one of the bluest, most densely Democrat regions in the nation, pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in the streets and began pulling down the American flag amidst cheers and celebration.

This protest came on the heels of the ultra-leftist Palestinian congresswoman Rashida Tlaib getting officially censured by the US Congress. She is only the 26th congressman to be censured in the history of our republic. The formal rebuke is in response to Tlaib’s history of making repeated anti-semitic remarks. The vote passed with 234 for vs 188 against the censure. But astonishingly, the vote for the censure included 22 Democrats.

More pundits are realizing that the Israeli-Hamas war is fracturing the Democrat Party. It is cracking the cohesion of the Democrat coalition. Both American Jews and Arabs overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Jews vote 70% Democrat. In 2020, the same percentage of Arab Muslims voted for Biden. What unites Jews and Arabs here in the States is a common commitment to what is generally referred to as resentment politics or grievance politics, which is the technical term for a politics that organizes society according to a perceived binary of oppressor and oppressed groups.

We are seeing more articles coming out on how stunned American Jews are by the amount of rabid hatred against Israel that is coming out. What American Jews are suddenly discovering is that, in the eyes of many of their fellow leftists, they have now been officially transferred onto the other side of the oppressor/oppressed binary. Polls are consistently showing Democrat voters siding with the Palestinians by an 11-point margin, 49 to 38.

American Jews are finding out that the majority of their party is seeing them as the oppressors. Jews have now largely become the recipients of the very politics of resentment and grievance that 70% of them have been inflicting on others. There is also a massive backlash that Biden and the Democrats are getting from Arab and Muslim voters.

Muslim and Arab Americans, who were instrumental in Biden’s support in 2020, are increasingly coming out and openly telling Biden that they will not back him in 2024 because of his blanket support for Israel in the Hamas conflict. NBC News just published a report on Biden’s support among Muslim Americans which is cratering particularly in the swing state of Michigan which has one of the highest Muslim populations in the nation.

According to a study conducted by Biden’s pollster, while 70% of Muslims voted for Biden in 2020, that support has now plummeted to just 16%. The Democrat coalition is fracturing, and ironically, it is fracturing along the lines by which it has maintained the coherence of its coalition. This includes the lines of victimhood, discrimination, and oppression. World events guarantee that these lines are fluid. Groups that were for years on one side of the line will inevitably wake up one day and find themselves on the other side. Because there’s no basis for dialogue or diplomacy between a victimized group and their supposed victimizers, the coalition of the left eventually ends up canceling itself. That is what we were seeing happening at the DNC. The left is eating itself, collapsing ultimately from within!

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