Democrats are LEAVING the Party in Droves!!!

So how are the Democrats faring for the November election? Reading the mainstream media, you would think that the Democrats have already won. However, the recent endorsement of Trump’s reelection by the prominent Louisiana Democrat Vernon Jones is but one indicator that something very different is happening. Jones is not alone; there are a number of trends that exemplify a major stumbling block for the wishful thinking so prominent in the media: Democrats are leaving the party in droves!

Blue Collar Voters
First and foremost, perhaps the single most significant development in terms of the Democrats hemorrhaging voters, is the mass defection of the working class away from the Democrats. These are your blue-collar manufacturing workers, factory workers, who have historically voted exclusively Democrat, but who defected in droves to vote for Trump.

I never get tired of citing this statistic from the 2016 election; there were over 200 counties that had voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984 by a 20 point margin that suddenly swung over and voted for Trump by a comparable 20 point margin. You have to let that hit you! I think it is a major indicator of this massive political tectonic shift that is going on. There are counties after counties after counties – over 200 of them – in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that voted for Mondale and then for Dukakis and Clinton twice, Al Gore, Kerry, and then Obama twice. I should say, not just voted for, but gave the Democrat a 20-point-margin for the last three decades. All of a sudden, to the shock of pollsters and pundits alike, these counties turned around and voted for Donald Trump by a comparable 20-point-margin. That makes a 40-point-swing to the nationalist populist right.

Remember, these were the states that Hillary was guaranteed to win since every Democratic presidential candidate since the 1984 had won them. She was supposed to win Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. Of all 5 states, she only won Minnesota, only by 40 thousand votes! Trump demolished the so-called ‘Blue Wall’ precisely because of this mass defection among blue-collar Democrats who never thought they could vote Republican. But they sure as heck could vote for Trump, and according to a recent New York Times poll, two-thirds of rustbelt voters who voted for the Democrat candidate in the midterm said they’re going back to Trump again in November!

#WalkAway Movement
The second mass exodus from the Democratic Party is coming from the hashtag #WalkAway movement. This is a movement founded by Brandon Straka, who is a gay hairdresser and once your quintessential liberal. Though devastated by a Hillary loss in 2016, Brandon was eventually red-pilled and founded a movement that exposes the Democratic Party as no longer a viable option for those who want to think for themselves. When Straka considered himself a leftist, he noticed that the Democrats were seeking to control and intimidate him through fear; if you are gay, you can never vote for Trump for he will destroy all your rights and actively persecute you. Straka recognized that this was an attempt to keep people voting Democrat simply through fear and intimidation. So, he founded the #WalkAway movement, and since its founding, tens of thousands of other Democrats are saying the same thing: enough of the fear and intimidation! They are posting their five-minute video testimonials on the #WalkAway Facebook and Twitter pages on why they are leaving the Democrat Party once and for all. It is just amazing seeing tens of thousands of one-time Democrats repudiating the party and its tactics of manipulation and intimidation through fear.

The third major trend we are seeing is a comparable movement known as Blexit, a term that signifies Black Americans declaring their independence from the Democratic Party. On average, blacks vote around 87 percent for the liberal Democrat candidate. Blexit is a movement that seeks to end the cultural Marxist hegemony over the black vote. The Blexit campaign was founded by the wonderful Candace Owens, who is a very young and powerful voice in the conservative movement. And the potential for Blexit is enormous. A Zogby survey released in May of last year found that black support for the Democrats was down 20 percent since the previous January, and Trump’s poll numbers among Blacks has been a record high for a Republican president. Rasmussen has recorded a Trump approval of as high as 35 to 40 percent among particularly black men. Blexit is happening, and it is significantly contributing to the mass exodus that’s going on from the Democratic Party.

And so, while the mainstream media would have you think that the world is turning away from President Trump, these trends actually suggest the opposite. Despite the wishful thinking so prevalent among the left-wing activists disguised as journalists, the Democrats are actually hemorrhaging major constituents in their traditional voting bloc. Put these three groups together, you have the makings of a disastrous 2020 for the Democrats!