Conservative Outlet Launches Kids Media COMPETITOR to Disney!

Disney was once a great company with no controversy around it. This was when they focused on making quality stories. Recently, Disney has come under fire for their incorporation of leftist propaganda and rejection of good storytelling. We have seen Disney try to add more LGBT+ content to their shows and films within the past 7 years. However, despite the 20 gay characters and references mentioned over the past 7 years, leftist commentators still are concerned that there is not enough LGBT representation.

No amount of representation will ever be enough for these people. Disney has caved to the pressure to continue adding more LGBT+ content to their kids’ films and shows. A post on Screenrant describing the different LGBT characters Disney has added also included encouragement to support Disney because they are working to become even more inclusive: “In the wake of Florida’s extremely controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and the strong criticism that came from within The Walt Disney Company for not speaking up, it seems like Disney is finally understanding out important LGBTQ+ representation is for its fans and its cast members.

“While the company has begun to make small steps in recent years on both the big and small screens, the LGBTQ+ community and its allies are no longer ready to accept the ambiguous ways Disney has introduced LGBTQ+ characters into their stories. Instead, viewers want to see characters clearly stating their sexuality and living their authentic selves which thankfully looks like it is actually happening. There’s still a lot of work to be done but to show support for the progress that has been made, fans should tune in to these shows and show their support further.”

The social justice activists have clearly described that having gay characters kissing or mentioning their sexuality is not enough for them anymore. They are now demanding characters that ‘clearly state’ their sexuality. This writer then describes that ‘it looks like this is actually happening,’ so she encourages people to support Disney’s attempts at the inclusion of more LGBT characters. This has led many people who do not want to see kids’ shows and movies inundated with propaganda to seek alternative media options for their kids. Since people who want to see more of this content are encouraged to support Disney, people who do not want to see this content have been suggesting that we stop supporting Disney.

The Daily Wire founder Jeremy Boreing created a new company called Bentkey. This platform features 17 children’s shows with more coming to the platform later, and will release a live-action Snow White film in the future. Boreing described that he did not want to name this kids’ entertainment platform ‘Daily Wire Kids’ because the Daily Wire is a very political brand. Bentkey was designed as a platform that will feature normal kids’ stories and the founder does not want them to teach politics, but rather focus on quality storytelling. A review of the platform by a leftist on Slate agrees that the content is not inherently partisan and does not communicate Republican messaging. This platform features normal kids’ content without the secular values or inclusion of critical race theory or gender confusion.

Many people are particularly excited about Bentkey’s new Snow White and the Evil Queen film. Bentkey announced that it will follow the story of the traditional and timeless fairy tale from Grimm’s classic Snow White story. This follows leaked photos from Disney’s upcoming Snow White film which features a lead actress, Rachel Zegler, who hates the original Snow White story and criticizes its entire plot publicly. She also announced that she had only seen the film once as a child. Her comments have not been received well by the general public, but her rejection of the concept of the Prince received backlash from normal people who don’t think women should reject the existence of men as romantic partners. Zegler asserted that ‘it’s not 1937 anymore’ and therefore the concept of a traditional love story is irrelevant. Viral TikTok videos have criticized her obnoxious interviews and desired rejection of normalcy.

The creation of Bentkey as alternate regular children’s content without propaganda is encouraging to see. It is even more exciting that they are directly countering Disney’s latest terrible live-action film and restoring traditional stories. This is the first platform to rise in the parallel economy to counter mega entertainment corporations like Disney. Since Disney has chosen to abandon their initial aim of creating quality content for the goal of jamming propaganda in their creations by hiring vocally leftwing actors, virtue signaling, and adding LGBT confusion into their kids’ content, the Daily Wire has stepped up and fulfilled the demand for normal kids’ content.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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