Conservatism Is TAKING OVER The World!

Trump isn’t just winning here at home. The MAGA movement in a very real way is taking over the world. We are going to see how populist parties are even now changing the political map like never before, and what it all means for the rise of a new conservative age!

– The recent European Parliament elections marked a significant shift in the political landscape across Europe, as nationalist and populist parties made unprecedented gains.

– Nationalist and populist parties across Europe saw significant victories, reshaping the political dynamics within the European Parliament.

– The rise of nationalist populist parties indicates a broader dissatisfaction with the current political and economic systems.

A couple of weeks ago the European Parliament elections across the continent, where literally hundreds of millions of voters in 27 countries took to the polls to elect their representatives in Brussels. When the dust cleared, both politicians and pundits were stunned to find that the nationalist populist right across the continent surged to heights never seen before in modern European politics. There was a political earthquake that weekend, and its aftershocks have left the European political elite absolutely stunned.

Many recent headlines detailed the ascent of the so-called far-right. Politico’s was the most telling as they called the election “Europe’s Trump moment.” It argued that the European elections are triggering a political upheaval equivalent to that caused by Donald Trump’s election as US president in 2016. One of the ways that we are seeing this upheaval, as the writers of the Politico article noted, is that it’s simply no longer feasible to refer to these parties as far-right or radical-right or hard-right. They are NOW the mainstream!

Another article by Dan McCarthy, the editor of Modern Age, was published today entitled ‘Nigel Farage Makes the Trump Moment Permanent.’ This piece draws comparisons between what Nigel Farage of the Reform party in the UK is doing in their upcoming elections just three weeks from now and what Trump did with the Republican party back in 2016. Both Trump and Farage are basically third party candidates that are seeking to replace a mainstream party.

Farage is not just trying to win a seat in Parliament, he’s trying to get the Reform Party to replace the Tories as the new right. Similarly, Trump was a third party candidate who got a major party nomination and has been in the process of transforming the GOP into a thoroughly nationalist populist party. Both Farage and Trump are actively attempting, in their own unique ways, to completely overturn the political status quo.

They’re both having enormous success in doing that. The latest polls show that Reform UK have actually pulled dead even with the Conservatives. It looks like it’s going to be a blowout election for Labour which is a protest vote against the Tories who’ve been in power for the last 14 years have betrayed their voters every step of the way.

After the stunning win by Marine Le Pen and National Rally in the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron stunned his nation once again by suspending France’s parliament and calling for snap elections in early July. Few people can discern what Macron’s rationale is for this, but for whatever reason, he wanted to hold another election. It looks like he’s only going to end up paying the price for his own conceit!

With less than two weeks until the first round of elections, all the polls are showing that National Rally will win 1 out of every 3 seats, a total comparable to their blowout win in the European Elections. Macron’s party, Renaissance, looks like it’s going to come in at a distant third. National Rally has long been on the fringe of parliamentary elections, but now they’re actually poised to WIN them.

Very few people are putting their faith in the success of a single political and economic system that will subsume all the nations of the earth. Instead, more populations are returning to nation, culture, custom and tradition as the way forward. Each nation is embracing their own unique identity and returning to their own unique way of life. That is increasingly leaving the idealist Western liberal outside in the political cold. The world is retraditionalizing away from the secular progressive left and reembracing their customs and traditions that give life its meaning and purpose.

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