CNN PANICS as Key Dem Voting Block Moves To TRUMP!

CNN is sounding the alarm and absolutely panicking over the fact that Donald Trump is poised to win more of the black vote than any Republican in more than 60 years. This is absolutely incredible, and it is all the more delightful seeing this panic coming from the likes of CNN!

– CNN is sounding the alarm over the shift in black voter support away from Biden, highlighting a significant realignment among younger black voters.

– Multiple polls show Trump and Biden are now tied in Virginia, a state Biden won by 10 points in 2020.

– The McLaughlin Poll indicates Trump now leads Biden by 2 points in Minnesota, the only state that voted for Walter Mondale in 1984.

CNN is sounding the alarm as of this weekend. Biden is losing the black vote. A paradigm shift appears to be happening among younger black voters. Many see the lawfare against Trump as comparable to the weaponized legalism they believe is so often aimed at them, a paradigm shift that Trump himself has recognized and appears to be fully embracing.

This surge in support among black voters for Trump is crushing Biden particularly in otherwise reliably blue states like Virginia. We have had several recent polls all showing the same thing: Trump and Biden are now tied in Virginia. We are seeing many polls showing it. Trump and Biden are tied in a state that Biden won by 10 points in 2020. And it’s largely because Biden is losing black voters in droves!

According to the latest McLaughlin Poll, Trump is now beating Biden in Minnesota. Trump is now up by 2 in the sole state that voted for Walter Mondale in 1984. The Des Moines Register, a very reputable pollster, shows that in Iowa, Trump now has a near 20-point lead over Biden. In a four-way race, with RFK among others in the mix, Trump leads Biden by an astonishing 18 points. This is incredible, and it’s coming from what is historically a very reliable pollster, the Des Moines Register.

As Red Eagle Politics is noting, if Trump is up 18 in Iowa, he will likely take Wisconsin as well. Trump is already poised to take Arizona and Georgia, so if he wins Wisconsin he passes the 270 mark. But it is possible that Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Virginia are all going to Trump. This is a very real possibility because of this new rural-white and urban-non-white voting coalition that he’s forming. We have to remember that Trump has never been stronger than he is right now. He was never in this strong of a position in either 2016 or 2020. He is absolutely crushing it and the legacy media is starting to seriously panic over this. Trump is poised to return and to CNN’s horror, it looks like we’ll have a whole new era of non-white voters to thank!

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