CNN HUMILIATES Biden as Civil War Erupts Inside Democrat Party

A major rift is emerging between the Biden White House and the legacy media after CNN publicly criticized President Biden. Jake Tapper’s remarks on CNN highlighted that a significant majority of American voters, not just Democratic elites, believe Biden is too old to be president. This rare moment of dissent from a typically supportive media outlet marks a turning point and signals growing discontent within the Democratic Party.

– CNN’s public critique of Biden exposes deepening fractures within the Democratic Party.

– Major donors are withdrawing support, causing financial strains on Biden’s campaign and down-ticket candidates.

– Biden’s stubbornness to step down amidst declining support raises concerns about the party’s future stability.

CNN’s critique, coming from an unexpected source, underscores the severity of the internal conflict within the party. Tapper’s direct contradiction of Biden’s claims represents a shift in media loyalty, revealing that frustrations with Biden are not limited to conservative commentators. This public critique highlights the broader dissatisfaction within the Democratic Party and its voter base.

The financial implications of this internal conflict are significant. As major donors have begun withdrawing their support, the Democratic Party faces a serious funding crisis. Longtime Democrat donor Whitney Tilson confirmed on CNN that financial backing is drying up, with prominent donors like Abigail Disney withholding funds until Biden steps down. Disney’s actions are encouraging other mega-donors to follow suit, creating a financial shortfall that threatens both Biden’s campaign and down-ticket candidates.

Biden’s refusal to step down amidst this growing financial and political crisis further complicates matters. His insistence on remaining in the race, despite declining support and increasing calls for his resignation, highlights a deepening divide within the party. This divide is not just ideological but also generational, with younger, more progressive members increasingly clashing with the older, established leadership. Biden’s determination to stay the course, despite mounting evidence of his declining popularity, underscores the entrenched nature of this conflict.


The broader implications of this internal conflict are significant. As Biden’s campaign struggles, there is a growing fear that his unpopularity will negatively impact other Democratic candidates. Down-ticket races, which are crucial for maintaining control of Congress and state legislatures, are at risk of being affected by Biden’s declining support. The potential for widespread electoral setbacks looms large, exacerbating internal tensions and raising serious concerns about the party’s future stability.

This internal conflict within the Democratic Party reflects a broader trend in American politics. Increasing polarization and ideological divides are not just between parties but are now visibly manifesting within parties themselves. The Democratic Party’s current struggles are emblematic of a larger systemic issue, where traditional political alliances and structures are being challenged by new, often more radical forces. This shift represents a fundamental change in the political landscape, with potentially lasting implications for the future of American politics.

CNN’s public critique of Biden and the ensuing financial and political turmoil within the Democratic Party marks a significant moment in contemporary American politics. This internal conflict, driven by financial instability and ideological divides, poses serious challenges for the party as it prepares for upcoming elections. Biden’s determination to stay in the race, despite declining support, highlights the deepening rift within the party and raises questions about its ability to unite and effectively challenge its political opponents. The outcome of this internal struggle will likely have far-reaching consequences, shaping the future of the Democratic Party and the broader political landscape in the United States.

This follows the comments of Karl Rove, who also called for Biden to step aside which you can read about here.

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